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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old fashioned shack and the Gundagai flood

I had to go to Gundagai to let the insurance assessors into the house. This is weeks after the flood. I was shocked to see the water damage. Mould has grown on the roof walls and floor, The lining is coming away from the roof in the kitchen and one of the bed rooms the walls are now with bends and the floor is wavy and far from flat. I thought the people would have moved out in the  last month but "O" no they were moving back in rent free. I put my foot down and gave then 24 hours to vacate. I have never seen people who are so lazy. They removed the draw in the kitchen as they didn't have anything to pack the stuff into and took the entire draw leaving a hole where the draw was, didn't think I would notice.
I did a posting once on what to do with a dead cat, of course put it in the refrigerator. Here is another one more grusom than that. What do you do with a dead baby? Put it in an esky under the house, I got a my mate Harry to pick up some scrap metal and there was a fridge in amongst the steel, HE ASKED IF THERE WAS ANY BODIES IN THE FRIDGE AND WAS SERIOUS. Then he related the above story to me apparently factual and was in the papers just after I moved to Nowra. There is sink holes in the yard and I am hoping that is all they are. I wont be doing any gardening as one never knows what is going to be dug up. I am not a gardener and I think this to be a good thing in Gundagai. Turns out I got the tenents from the story. It took me two days to clean out the two sheds which are twenty by ten feet. Nothing like a good clean out of ones possessions like sweeping the mind clean. I have even put heaps of stuff on eBay and to my surprise it is getting good results.
I know I preach being happy and looking on the bright side and this took its toll on the senses. This turns out to be one of life's trying times but was a blessing in disguise.  No tenants

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