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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Older people with sores on there legs

It starts with an itch then a sore because the skin is broken from the scratching. Then the infection sets in with the creams that feed the infection because of one thing. Dirt, Now let me explain. When (myself included) we become lazy and stop the stretching and doing the work we used to do. Stiffness sets in we shower instead of bathing because we cannot get into or out of the bath tub. Now here is the problem we can not bend down to wash the feet and legs! So they suffer by not being clean. If you suffer from cuts that do not heal on your legs you must get into a bath tub with warm water and disinfectant in the water to kill the germs get your wife nurse or one of family to wash the legs and you will be surprised in about two weeks of this happening on a regular basis that the legs clear up. Doctor Iggle quack extraordinaire

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