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Friday, May 4, 2012

Black Snake

Some years ago I had this red healer dog that I called Black Snake. Black Snake was into everything as a pup. I used to take him on the job sleeper cutting and I had a circular saw on a concrete saw for docking the sleepers to length. First day on the job with Snake I started the saw well, Snake jumped to his feet and  attacked the saw which severed his jaw bone and took off his left ear. Being a pup and being my mistake I paid the vet bill some $2574 and 64 cents. Where he got the 64 cents I'm darned if I know. Snake had this eye which turned in and was blue and the other was brown. Some time  went past and Snake was hyperactive and the vet said to take out the balls and that would slow him down. So I pays the 79 dollars and 64 cents. There that 64 cents again! Now Snake never did take liken to some blokes and lets call the character say Harold Steptoe to protect his identity But that was his name anyway. Now Steptoe lived across the road from me and I kept the gates locked so Harold and Snake wouldn't go dancing if you get the drift. This one warm morning I went to get the paper from the front and opened the gate and there was Harold getting his paper as well. Snake seeing the light of day or the lord flashed past me in fourth  gear straight for Harold. He had four on the floor Harold pirouetted and Snake grabbed him on the left cheek. I yells out to Harold that I had him nutted by the vet. Harold yelled back using explicit aperblies that he knew Snake wasn't coming to make love to him and could I send him to a dentist next time.

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