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Friday, May 18, 2012

Empty thoughts

Small thought of love pass threw my veins
Twists and turns as the little light remains.
To swell the emtyness in my heart and mind
the beating beating rythmical beating blind
enter the soul with parchment pressed to the ear.
Stumbling threw the madness of fear,fear
entering the emptyness of the bounding silence
bought on by the constant ryme of life.
Threw the eyes of the cells the ears of the heart
broken by the trembling and the cold of light
then the known warmth of the calm from sleep.
Awaking into the reality of nothingness
leading to the capacity of love hate and again
Fear yes the fear of deception of a broken head
smashed on the steps of dreary warm death lies.
Then comes the reality of lifes real game
Gone before perception of love and war.
Taken away in the blink of an eye
crashing threw all that is good and honest
screaming into the nothingness of betrayal.

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