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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some times sitting under a tree in the shade becomes inspiring.
Like this one. The peppercorn tree is cool to sit beneath on a hot summers day up to 10 degrees different from other trees . Why? The tree is a solar powered  pump, The sap goes from the top to the bottom and back on a regular basis and with this movement of sap the heat is taken down and the cool is bought up. The result is the air is cooler and the ground temperature is warmer and this allows the tree to survive in cooler climates by storing the heat in the ground. When the temperature gets too cold the sap slows to a near stop and the leaves fall. When it is real hot the tree speeds up the sap flow. This is an inbuilt temperature control system of a very complicated design, but yet simple. Knowing this drought control is easier to understand. Trees are the key to drought proofing the land.

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