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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boat people

I was born a Dutchman in Meppel This is not unusual in its self. My mum was born in Australia and married my dad and went to Holland. After the war there was not much left in buildings and food so the decision was made to come to Australia from a war torn country. We hopped on a boat called the William-rouse and off we went. I have been naturalized and have papers that say I am Australian. This happened in 1951 it is now 2012 and things have moved on. Mum and dad are gone and I have children who have grown up.
Now as mum was born in Australia it is now known that one of the relatives on mums side jumped the fence with black fellow. You know black on white or white on black not sure which if you get the drift. That means I am a black fellow if you like. Bought up in my bush setting and loved it. Now it has come to light that this means in short that I am:-
the only refugee aboriginal whom escaped a war torn country as a refuge fleeing to Australia in a boat and claiming citizenship not much unlike the modern day boat people.
Yes I am a Australian aboriginal elder boat people refugee. Cool isn't it.

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