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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Generous politicians

How generous are our politicians giving away millions of dollars each month to overseas countries.
Then I watch YouTube and the amount of money spent to kill a terrorist with an explosion costing thousands.
 Money is no problem to these people. Then there is the delivery systems costing many more millions of dollars. Lets be more humane and just chemically poison them with drugs as they are all mentally ill.
If the psychiatrists diagnose them all with the DSM version V as being mentally ill then they could treat whole countries at once and stupefy them into submission saving massive amounts of deaths due to friendly fire.and the like.
Every one would be happy as there would be no bad images to show on the nightly news that would have to be justified, and the polies would just have to line there own pockets....Every one would be happy. lardy dar lardy dar lardy dar...........We are so happy on our drugs!

Written by Professor Iggle  Quack extraordinaire.

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