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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Insurance claim

Because my house was built outside Australian standards it appears that I am not insured. The standards came out in the 1990s so anything before this date is uninsurable. Yes they will take the premiums and then default on the claim. This is typical with all insurance companies with there weaving and twisting when it comes to paying out money.
They engaged an engineer to do a report and they will say anything to stop a claim. They are paid for a result as long as it was for the insurance company.
Things said by there engineer were down right lies. The back of the house moved during the flood but the front of the house didn't get wet so to speak! The sewage is below ground level and this didn't get inundated but the floor 300mm higher got wet. Then he said the house was recently renovated, the cladding is all twisted and bent but this was from normal movement of the ground.
Things such as asbestos and lead based paints don't get an airing and are perceived to be a big problem in other circumstances but not in a insurance claim.
I will name the insurance company in a following post as I have to try to get compensated  and naming now would place my claim more at risk.
I also figure that if things are to be done to Australian standards then so must the work done.

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