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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sugar and chocolate

Last Christmas I visited friends in the back blocks of Tasmania. I took along some chocolates and lollies for the children. Now these children are home schooled and eat the best home grown and farm fresh meats and fish as a normal diet. These children are extremely fit and well adjusted and happy with no television. The lollies and chocolate was distributed to the children as a surprise. The little girl was asked what she wanted for Christmas and the reply was nothing, I have everything. This was a unusual answer as my own children would have rattled off a list as long as ones arm. The chocolate was devoured and the transformation was complete. Running fighting and climbing trees like a monkey total bedlam. The mother looked at me and I at her we were dumbfound by the results instant ADHD was the result. Yes Sugar and chocolate was the cause of this abnormal behavior. These children were normally polite and placid caring children the type you saw on "The Walton's"
If you are having trouble with your children's behavior just remove the sugar from there diet and they will be happier.
Posted by Professor Iggle

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