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Monday, July 2, 2012


Bulli public school.1959 at the age of 9, I was beaten by one school teacher by the name of Gardner. He systematically abused and beat the children in his care mainly the boys. Every day I was beaten by this man  a criminal in his own right on a daily basis. I was scared for life and have had to deal with the psychological problems ever since. Today is the first time that I have spoken of the treatment dished out by this man. This set the scene for the rest of my life when I worked as an apprentice at Australian Iron and Steel I again was beaten by older apprentices and greased with Black Jack a tar like lubricant rubbed on my genitals. The only way to remove the materials was to bath myself with Kerosene with the result of dermatitis for many years to follow. I was lucky as I loved my trade and never had much time with women as the brutality effected my inner being and my whole life. As the effect lasted I would apply for jobs that had a high risk of death attached to compensate for my emotional failings. In the end being buried up to my chest in a coal mine under the underground coal bins when the coal slumped out of the bottom of the bins. The last incident I was hit by a piece of stone bouncing from a belt transfer point which knocked me unconscious and ending my working life.
What a relief.

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