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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dead man walking

 The sounds of the bell bird and the whip bird echoed threw the bush with spaces of silence.
 Serenity and the pursuit of happiness.
I am a white fella aborigine and proud of it. I was born in Holland to and Australian mother and came to Australia as a refugee from war torn Holland after the second world war. Economies were still in shambles. I came as a boat person. I am now a naturalized Australian and have papers to prove it. This was when Aboriginals born in Australia had no rights at all.
Thinking back everyone but a few had nothing but we did get as a child free flavored milk at school. The green milk tasted crap the yellow was the best. Best times were being in the bush and my playground was a rain forest. The photo below shows the bush today at the edge of the mountain.
 The below photo shows the view from the mountain today. The seats were not there when I was a child.
Times have changed and the in equalities remain the same. Some things have changed that is education in the good things and the bad. The ways of dealing with them as well,  like the pointing of the bone never done as a child and never aloud. It is extremely powerful and takes great courage to do the job as the repercussions to oneself can be devastating. Like the mind power coarse of today but they do leave out the bit about ethics and just brush over the subject. They all want to be millionaires but they loose the sight of the goal.  The pursuit of happiness as written into the American Constitution,  The right to carry arms is spoken about more these days with the collapse of  the society as a whole. To be honest the president of the united states came here and meet with the prime minister of Australia and then flew into Darwin and announced American troupes will be stationed there. To many Australians this is like an invasion of our country remembering that our prime minister stole money from health care workers union.
The bone is set to fire and the American people will be the ones whom suffer.
Does more tropes on the ground in Australia make the pursuit of happiness any closer. I don't think so.
 Australia has been always dragged into someone else's war,  Australia has never declared war on its own. I hope this makes us all think?

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