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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Personal Accountability

 It is about time we started holding our leaders personally responsible for there actions or inaction's. We are how often are you told you can not do something. Make a boat or a house. Then we are told by insurance companies we didn't maintain our home and your insurance is invalid or what ever scam they can come up with.
These photos show just one section of road between Walcha and Waughope on the Oxley highway in the new England area of the state. This road is posted at 110K/H ..Imagine hitting this at 110 what damage to the vehicle does it do. I know wheels thrown out of alignment weights thown from wheels and even crashes with inevitable deaths. Yes from the prime minister down they need to be held personally accountable. They borrow money to give it away to overseas countries and we the workers are the ones to suffer to pay it back.
 I once put it in writing that I was going to hold a politician and a general manager of a council personally responsible and the buck passing stopped with amazing speed.
Here it is in writing for all to see, I personally will hold the minister for roads and the prime minister personally responsible for any deaths or injuries to any one of my family as a result of  poor maintenance  on the states highways.
 National disgrace! Further down the road towards Waughope there was a section of road half destroyed by a landslip which has been left for some months and has not been repaired.

 The road from Dorrigo to Armidale and on to Walcha is in even worse state of repair, This is when I got feed up and took these photos.
 These were not the worst, It was the safest one I could photograph.

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