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Sunday, July 8, 2012

some time ago

My son being a office worker type had no tools so I gathered up some thinking he will never make any money with them.
As time went buy the tools gathered rust in his car boot, (trunk as you Americans call it).
Then he told me he finally made two dollars with the tools I was shocked and surprised all at once.
I asked him how so did you make two dollars.
Whilst walking down Crown Street in Wollongong in his brand new suit done up to his teeth, he saw a golden  2 dollar on the foot path and went to pick it up? It was stuck there fast glued to the footpath right in front of a barbers shop. He kicked it a number of times and the barber and the patrons had a laugh at his expense. Not to be out done he went back to his car and removed the hammer and chisel from the tool kit and went back to the barbers shop again, He went down to pick it up kicking it and putting on a fair old show for the barber and his patrons this time he smiles and they laughed.
Then to the surprise to the barber and the patrons he pulled out the hammer and chisel and with one swipe of the hammer against the chisel the 2 dollar coin flipped over and he snatched it in mid air with the spontaneous cheers of the patrons and the frown from the barber.

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