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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tiny houses

I am all for tiny houses and the laws that stop one building one are ludicrous. When one is jailed for disobeying the law then being locked up in a smaller jail cell than the tiny house with out a safe exit seems to be contradictory. Yes all commonsense is gone and is lacking in today's society. We the little people suffer to prop up bankrupt countries and companies all for the rich to play and live in Mcmansions with there exorbitant heating bills. With out war mongering and invading of poor countries whom cannot defend themselves then life could be simple and good. Imagine all the fuel used in any war used to heat homes life would be good. Every 25 years there is a war and the children are used as gun fodder. Just look back in time the trends are there. Stop producing children and use less and global warming and climate will be words from the past. The new tax is carbon tax and is currently set at about $30 per ton. Fools the real price of carbon is $85 per ton plus just buy a trailer load of timber or fire wood. Carbon is in the same quantities as they were when Jesus was a boy. Remember carbon is an element and you theoretically can not make an element.
This brings me to the photo below which is on the Putty road in N.S.W. Australia.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Australian money for Indonesia

Marco Taboony has died and the blood is on Australian hands for giving money to the government of Indonesia for police stations.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Opinions are like assholes...

Everyone's got one.

Some people fart with there asshole and some fart with there mouth. The end result is the same.

Fighting robots turned to stone

Lightening Ridge and the trip there.

 Inside the camp huts.

 The above shosws an eagle on the prowl wing span is about eight feet.
 Lawyer bush grabs the tea towel and won't let it go, If forced it 's barbs break off and this is the way the seeds are spread. Why the name lawyer bush? Get divorsed and see how they grab your money.

 The photo above and below show the band aid bush the sap is great for skin cuts and rashes and the like. They are a parasite plant and will live on anything organic.

 Amego's castle

 Below is the astronomers hut. He was working on propane gas fitting and garden hose when it blew him into the stratosphere

 Blues dog
 Blue's place I don't know why they call him bluey his dog is a red not a blue and his hair is black and his ute is white!

 The above shows the camp where we stayed.
 The above and the next photos show a storm that lasted five minutes dumping 2" water into the tanks.
 High winds just before the rain. Flying debris would take your head off . I was behind one of the sheds when it hit.
 Then the rain.
 The bush to the left is a leopard bush.
 Note the water on the ground.
 The storm passes. I don't know what the brown spot is on the right of the photo,it didn't show up on the next one or the previous one...

 The next three photos show the sunset after the storm.

 The above shows burn off below is the same in time lapse held in hand.

 Hope you enjoyed Iggle....