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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Corrugated Iron

I have been investigating a project and wanted flat iron sheets an thought the feed stock for corrugated Iron sheets would be good so I inquired about the price. The corrugated iron was about 12.00 dollars a meter and the feed stock is 36 dollars a meter, Go figure that one?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Deepest light in a dark filled night
For all my love to see
Shinning from non lit pane
There is a window dark

Threw the night by candle light
Her love doth shine on me
wind it growls to light the way
coldness draws me threw the door

shinning there in the dark
glimmers never seen by me
to wake my soul from sleep
this night was ever bold.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Volunteering  Yes  I tried this yesterday with a result I did not expect. Last week I went along to a community group to volunteer, I was new so things went well. I turned up yesterday and was again welcomed by the troupes and joined in again. All was going well til the boss of the group (head volunteer) arrived and I was promptly asked to leave I didn't have the permission of a paid worker to be there and a police report as to my honesty.  I was not given a chance to participate and was ridiculed in front of people I had just meet. The organization was dealing with people whom have psychotic illness, seams to me that we all have problems of one kind or another. I will again go back to my own thoughts and peace in my own house. Loneliness can some times leave one vulnerable.

Coal seam fracking

What you are not told by the big companies is that after fracking the coal seams become sterile unable to be mined. Yes the rock strata is broken and the mining of the coal is impossible because the roof can not be held up because of the fracking. I personally would not like to mine coal after fracking. It would like digging under a pile of gravel be it big pieces of gravel. Then there is the chemical poisoning that one would have to deal with in the air system. Radon is given off during mining but add to that all the other chemicals forced into the coal seam.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fairies and dogs

 For the ladies its about sadness and despair.

Polly styrene and fibre glass and air expansion

I have just read where the fiberglass will separate in a hull made with epoxy and Styrofoam construction.If left in the sun this problem will occur. As I haven't started my build so this problem will have to be investigated and a solution found. Preliminary thoughts would be holes drilled threw to styrene and some sort of relief valve made. Polystyrene will absorb water over time to some extent and there in lies the problem.
This decontamination could adversely affect the overall strength of the end product.
Any thoughts would be most welcome. Cheers Iggle

Friday, September 21, 2012

Class action against insurance companies in flood cases

If you have had insurance refusal or claim devalued then join the class action. Sign up here send your details to comments and they will not be published. If there is enough numbers then a meeting will be held.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Professionals ?

After getting the quotes from the insurance company there is errors in simple addition.
If quotes have these simple errors how can the rest of the quote be accurate? I am but a simple man with a simple education in engineering. Could you imagine me making a small mistake in building a bridge or a oil rig being as much as 10% errors against the the safety of the job.
How can a company a large company work with these errors and have credibility in the market place.
We are looking at the "y disasters" from the "y" generation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Australian government rewards bad behavior.

The government stops money from parents for a child not attending school. Traditional people as they like to be called get extra money to send children to school. The children are then forced to attend. The children have worked the system for years have worked out if they get suspended from school there parents get the money and everything is all right at home. Suspension is paid for yes bad behavior is paid for. It is about time that payments are made for by not only attendance but also knowledge and the teachers are also paid for not only attendance but also knowledge imparted on the child.
We would then have educated delinquents roaming the streets. Thank god we have computers.

Public records

Alas "Old fashioned shack Gundagai"

I lived in "the old fashioned shack" in Gundagai. It must be the original as my son went to Canada and posted mail to "Old fashioned shack Gundagai" and I got it. The postman knows when others don't. In March 2012 the house went under water in the floods and severe damage was done to the additions of the structure. There is a small amount of work to be done to the original structure. Where do I begin? The insurance company is leaving me high and dry with an offer of 8,000 it was insured for 145,000. It would be a shame to destroy the place as I lived here for many years and basically the original structure is intact but small.  Interior walls are made from the catholic church bits when renovations were done there some years back.  It even has bullet holes in the windows from a landlord going mad at the tenants. The old newspapers under the carpets still intact from 1949 telling of the war crimes and the hunting down of the Japanese war criminals. Retribution was swift with hangings the favored as they the criminals lost face before death with the shame on the families. If only those walls could talk. How does one repair a house with no money!

Insurance claims and forced to break the law.

There is a tactic that the insurance industries use against policy holders.
During flooding my house went under and there was serious damage to the house. The insurance company secured the services of a contractor to quote on the damage with the brief of make it small. Then they stick with this and will not move. They then say to the contractor that they do not need there services any more. Then they settle with you for this sum of money. You then try to engage the services of this company and surprise surprise they can not do the work as they have been terminated by the insurance company. They the insurance company  lie to you by omission. You are left with the real bill. The difference in my case is $8152.05 and the real price being $156,000. They then say they have cash settled with you. In Australia in NSW it is illegal to do work in excess of $5000 with out the required qualifications.
You are forced to break the law by doing the work yourself. I am qualified and I caught them out and they are sticking to there guns. I will in time name the company but at this stage as the issue is ongoing I will wait. I dare say all the companies use these tactics in one form or another.
Please remember that flood damage takes some time to show itself.
If you are in this same predicament then send a comment and you name will not be published,maybe a class action can be made. Cheers professor Iggle

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Australian governments double meaning

The target species is wild dog and fox the non target species is dogs and cats.  Government body speaking in tongues in a sign.
Good on you  National Sparks and Wildfire. For those who do not know National Parks and Wildlife became National Sparks and Wildfire after the Canberra fires.
We pay people to do this type of sign shame on us and our school system.
Whats the difference between dogs and WILD DOG? I know one is pissed off!

Scenes of the Shoalhaven

This is Ian high siding for gold on the upper reaches of the shoalhaven river.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The engines on a large airliners are made from Titanium and nickel-based super-alloys and weigh in at several tons. There was four of them. Where are they? Where are the engine shafts. They should have exited the building on impact.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New invention

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stewart's bevel or splade piling a new invention

Piles are drilled vertically into the ground and the weight sits on these piles and the building has sure footings and will not move. surface tension or friction hold the piles from moving plus the sub ground hardness..
Bevel or splade piling is sinking the holes or piles at a thirty degree angle or more from the vertical going away from the center of the building. These piles do not need to be as deep as they support the building on the sides of the piles and also the ends,  Much the same way as snow shoes support a man in snow vertical piles would be like walking with out the snow shoes and one would sink to the hard ground beneath. If one were to remove a model of the piles vertically then twice the amount of soil would have to be removed with twice the effort.. These are great for flood prone areas for housing and for clay and reactive soils.
Houses that weight in at less than say fifty tons the splade piles would have only be about 2 meters long and not going to bedrock and have a diameter of say 300mm. using the same number as normal piles. The savings in concrete time and labor would be substantial. In high loading areas then bedrock anchors would also have to be used as is already done.Reprinted from

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There was a prominent Australian politician found dead on a secluded beach. There was no other foot prints on the beach. The politician had just come from a doctors appointment and was given a clear bill of health. There she was not a mark on her body, dead! There was signs of a struggle.
Who killed her and how?
Her beach towel was laying nearby with no sand on it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


To whom it may concern,

In Australia a psychiatrist only prescribes drugs as shock therapy .It is rarely employed effective in application.

As an Australian I appreciate that specialist surgeons are entitled to more of the public purse because they perform delicate operations with many years of training but I think it worthwhile to question the direction of public money towards psychiatrists. Psychiatrists do several more years training after failing as doctors at university.

There is no saying that mental health is not an issue that needs attention but a centrelink recipient should not be paid the same as a public servant.

Likewise a psychiatrist is not on the same level as a Surgeon and should not be paid as such.

Why are they getting paid as specialists when they only perform the role of a GP?

Installing new programs

Before you install or download programs check that there is no little box with a tick in it that you did not put there. This is the fine print and tactics that insurance companies use to not pay claims on a smaller scale. This might save you heaps of wasted time..