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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Corrupt prime minister

It was stated that the prime minister is corrupt in parliament today and as a voter I need to know if this is true. A royal commission needs to be done to find the truth. I personally know how the union system works here in Australia with shop stewards getting large payouts from union funds.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I called my remote vacuum dusty and he does a great job.
I was then taken back in my tracks when a spider who roams around at night in my house. I have now called him Dusty for obvious reasons.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

 I painted the back today the paint didn't have much body this is with three coats.
 This is for traveling with and will be for carrying bee hives from site to site.
Run out of paint will have to get more. The window is a plate that came down the Murrumbidgee river in the March floods it was still in its box with polystyrene packaging.
The inside will be started in the next few days door lock is to be installed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

gypsy wagon

The door is on and some decorations from me old mate Les Warner 91 young and going strong and chasing the ladies. He came up with the door knocker and the other bits from his collection. The stove is there to be placed into the wagon. If I were to go the horse way it can be lifted and put on a dray. Might even make a four wheel wagon to pull behind a tractor.

Riddle explained

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There was a prominent Australian politician found dead on a secluded beach. There was no other foot prints on the beach. The politician had just come from a doctors appointment and was given a clear bill of health. There she was not a mark on her body, dead! There was signs of a struggle.
Who killed her and how?
Her beach towel was laying nearby with no sand on it.

This is a new weapon that to this point has not been used it will be used against the leaders of the country or leaders of commerce  and bankers . What is it? Its a drone with cyanide as the killing tool. These drones can be carried on helium balloons over massive distances and released and sent to the target using GPS guidance. Yes small electric drone hovering craft with real time visual control via radio links or phone links. 

Going poor

I have had to rationalize my life since the flood in Gundagai and half my wealth and income gone. There is the strong probability that the insurance company will refuse insurance to me and place me on a list. The cost of this would be immense and probably send me to the wall. I am in the process of changing the way I am to do things and the direction in the way I am to go.
This is a great place of change in my life and one to look forward too.
Gone will be the making of things because I could. From now on it will be based on needs not wants and a simpler life will be had.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gypsy wagon Shepherd hut shanty boat?

This is a cross between a gypsy wagon and a shepherds hut.As the build progresses it changes direction and the mind wanders. As the wagon can be separated from the trailer it could be easily placed on a couple of pontoons and become a shanty boat with ease. As stated I picked up a bee swarm and have gone into bees.  I think I will paint it bright yellow with bees drawn on the sides in black and white. The mind is having fun with this one.

gypsy wagon

 Led lights have been installed along with the number plate. The trailer is registered as a bulk carry trailer and the box is the load.part of the floor has been laid, it is second hand flooring Australian hardwood.
 Vapor barrier installed
  Expanding foam seals the gaps.

More of the vapor barrier.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Warning! Do this at your own peril.

Cleaning small engine parts and gear box parts Get an old dishwasher and place it in the corner of the yard away from flammable materials, disconnect the pump out pump, and block up the hoses . Load the machine and poor in diesel and water and set the machine going. Use the low heat setting until you get game to use the high heat setting. I used old petrol thinners and any thing I could use that was cheap. I used this for many years with out any dramas. In the end it was high heat with steam emitting from the machine. The parts came out clean as a whistle but you have to spray machine surfaces with rust retardant as the parts would rust within hours,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts and quotes

.....Who ever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before,would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together. Whom said this?
I would like to make a quotation of my own "Any man who plants more than one plant in his life time does more for society than all the politicians of the world"

Answer; Jothathan Swift Gullivers Travels

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

gypsy type wagon 3

 This shows the end wall being screwed and glued into position. These are tongue and grove cypress pine flooring from an old house.
 The wall has been trimmed to shape.
 The final shaping has been done to this wall
 The stove in its relative position in the wagon.
These are recycled hardwood tongue and grove floor boards from a old dismantled house.

gypsy type wagon 2

 The main frame is from 20mm square tube and is mig welded the trailer is what is termed as a bulk carry trailer and the tube is just the load. It is cheaper to register than a caravan by 200 dollars a year.
The boys a Bomaderry engineering did a great job straight and true. The type of wagon is called a bow top wagon. As I said before I am not a gypsy so it is not a gypsy wagon unless I sell it to a gypsy.

Equal rights for women and prime ministers?

Equal pay equal work equal abuse! I am a bloke and have been called a sheila whore and a lot of other things and have had to take the abuse. Now parliamentarians are doing the same its about time the law is changed so people can call me a phucken whore or worse. The Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was called a piece of work and wanted an apology. Wake up woman I have been called the same and I don't expect an apology. I have had young women take away my credentials and also my ability to work, You wanted equal rights,      then you must expect the same filth thrown at you the same as men get.
Men don't cry..... equal rights now say....... now women don't cry. Get over it or admit that women will never be an equal to men and do away with equal rights altogether for all Australians.
I respect a person if they show respect, men or women.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Side tracked

Traveling on the road today in search of goodies I physically ran threw a swarm of bees on the highway. Just before the incident there was these black objects coming my way. Then splat splatter splat over fifty bees hit the windscreen of the van. The week before I captured a swarm of bees and coerced them into a hive. I physically pulled the branch they were on sharply and they all fell to the ground and walked up a prelaid runway straight into a hive that I prepared for them. I am now the owner of bees! They are interesting to watch and study. They are good security at the back fence..

Monday, October 8, 2012

gypsy type wagon1

All good wagons that are lived in need a stove for cooking and I have experimented with various degrees of failure;)  I have finally come up with a beauty I called the Gundy stove. Simple to make 120mm x 800mm  the exhaust is 50mm So you can work it out from there. This is the start of a series on making a gypsy type wagon. Not being a gypsy I cannot call it a gypsy wagon.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I need a caravan so I have started to make one. End walls are up and pictures will follow with sketches used to make it. More will follow.

smiling slightly

Tears of joy awaken me
laughter tears will never be
smiling in the bright of day
smiling because I had my say

spoken never to any one
cold it is in the sun
giggle now and giggle then
sight of sound with out zen

turn me over and laughter be
sounds erupting from the sea
softness of a cloud filled night
laughter be laughter light

hush my soul

deepest dark of deepest light
spoken in the cold of night
little said but never seen
come on in and bust my spleen

ever seen but never said
country mean and never blead
tormented mind for what I've seen
never will and never been

Shaken soul tears of light
never spoken in the sight
broken soil drowned in blood
a life has turned into mud

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jingle drugs

Jingle drugs jingle drugs poke them down my throat
Overkill psychotic quack I can float by boat
popping pills popping pills Dashing threw my life
come on down come on down come and take my bloody wife

Kick me in the guts while I'm bloody down
drug me up piss on me while you bloody can
O'shake my hand and charge me some
steal my stinken house

Feed me fatty foods take away my life
make me sleep for hours on end
Til I don't know who I am
Then do it all again up my phucken dose

Charge me more take away my will
Then order me to court force your drugs on me
My mind is yours for good do your will me
Pay your bill terror in my mind