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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Equal rights for women and prime ministers?

Equal pay equal work equal abuse! I am a bloke and have been called a sheila whore and a lot of other things and have had to take the abuse. Now parliamentarians are doing the same its about time the law is changed so people can call me a phucken whore or worse. The Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was called a piece of work and wanted an apology. Wake up woman I have been called the same and I don't expect an apology. I have had young women take away my credentials and also my ability to work, You wanted equal rights,      then you must expect the same filth thrown at you the same as men get.
Men don't cry..... equal rights now say....... now women don't cry. Get over it or admit that women will never be an equal to men and do away with equal rights altogether for all Australians.
I respect a person if they show respect, men or women.

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