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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The raping of little Johny Idiot

The worst thing a politician has ever inflicted on the Australian people is the BABY BONUS. I hear the screams of bigot woman hater etc. After the initial disgust and abuse comes the WHY?
To a lot of young girls seven thousand dollars is a lot of money and will never be seen in ones lifetime. Here's what has happened Little Sally Anne (made up name) asks young Johny Idiot to SIRE her and he will be paid $500 for the job from the baby bonus. Along comes the baby and seven thousand dollars and little Johny Idiot puts out his hand for the $500 he is promised.  He is placed in fool shackles for the rest of his life by having to pay for the baby till it reaches 25 years of age. He never sees the $500 and has a restraining order placed on him for violence for calling Sally out. His life spirals into deep down ward circles and ends up on the scrap heap of life. Little Johny has been Raped.
Little Sally Anne does it again and again and now has seven kids all to different fathers pulling in a whopping amount of money each week from the government and the payment from the fathers. See she knows by hedging her bets on multiple fathers some may not pay, but she will never have to work again in her life.
Times will change and there is rumblings in the wind!
This story comes from my recent trip and court crawl

Monday, November 26, 2012


I went on my last trip to the north coast of NSW. It was the most rewarding and the most disturbing I have ever been on. Why? you ask. I did a court crawl yes court crawl you know the legal kind.
 First Court was the Kempsey court where there is a big aboriginal population and the matters all involved alcohol and drugs in one form or another. This substance abuse then lead to abuse of children and women. This was to set the scene for the whole trip. The age was from prebirth to the very elderly. All involved alcohol.
Magistrate Evans allowed me to sit in on Children's Court where I sat stunned with tears welling in my eyes. The experience was overwhelming at times. Mr Evans then invited me to sit in on a road safety lecture at Port Macquarie  where he related a story of deaths just north of the town. There was about 1000 pupils there and it was also stated that within five years statistically five of them would be dead. I was then taken to aboriginal circle which is where the elders past judgement on the accused.
Again may I state that alcohol was the main cause of the proceedings. Three days was spent here.
Then we moved onto Macksville where again more cases were seen one with a stabbing and let me tell you it is nothing like the tv dramas. Two days here and then onto Grafton with its beautiful tree lined streets of Jacaranda.
Balina was the next call and time was spent at the local museum where there is a huge collection of model boats. Back at court the cases of alcohol abuse continued.
We then went to Coffs Harbor where the theme remained the same more sorrow and heartache with the families suffering more than the perpetrator.
During the trip I saw first hand the haves and the have nots in thew aboriginal community. Some living in the lap of luxury with trail bikes and new cars and houses and others living in sheer poverty.
It was obvious the wealth was from aboriginal land council money siphoned off to aid the few. Yes corruption lies and deciet as none of these people had jobs, all paid for by the taxpayers of Australia.
It was stated by one official that it was comming to an end as the government has no money left for such generosity.
The suppliers of the alcohol have a product and they must be held accountable for the troubles in the community the same as the tabacco industry have been held accountable.
Its over to you for comment. cheers 

Paying Tax

Penny Wong labor minister, on QandA was asked if companies should pay there taxes. She answered that people should pay there taxes. Nothing was mentioned if companies and church's pay tax. So I will ask if companies and churches could pay taxes that are to be paid? Then there is how are the government going to make these organizations pay there taxes and when?

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Julia Gillard knew nothing of the AWU scandal as stated in the news headlines. The real question is what did she know of the theft of money from union members. Then there is question what scandal did she know nothing of.

No more photos on posts as Google have shut me out.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cabin fever gone Walkabout

I am on walkabout and will post in a couple of days. I have traveled 2000 kilometers up the east coast of Australia and seen some wonderful scenery. Life is good after coal mines.I have acquired some fittings for the Gypsy wagon from various places on the trip. I have taken photos of shanty boats tiny houses and one bus turned into a home. All need a description. Cheers Iggle

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Brunei Romania Ukraine and all the other countries I have never heard of before. I have people reading my posts from here and other places from around the world . I guess people are people with loves and hates and preduces  all bought on by politicians of various degrees of political persuasions. Who would have ever thought that I would ever be directly communicating with the enemy so to speak. Yes we were taught to hate whilst in the army by ill informed people with a gender and a barrow to push. So here it is WELCOME ABOARD from all around the world. I would love to here stories and partake of the cultures from the wonderful people of the world. I think we are lucky here in Australia that we can call the prime minister a lair or what ever and not got to jail for it. The real criminals are the ones who make the explosives mines bullets and weapons.  Iggle


Imagine a world where we all work two days a week . Imagine a world where we all have a house of quality. Imagine a happy world. Imagine a peaceful world. Imagine a world with one seat cars. Imagine a government who looks after infrastructure. Imagine a world where imagination was a revered quality.Imagine.IMAGINE. Imagineering Engineering

Return thoughts

I was sent a document to see if I still had injuries in my back from a mine accident in 1998. The mind turned to having to relive the trauma with detrimental results. Having to have medical tests and the reliving of the past bought up the severe pain that I have not felt in years. I thought the pain was gone but it wasn't ,My perception of the pain had changed and some how my body was living with it and somehow blocking it. The pain returned with a vengeance and I was in bed for most of the day in agony. Why do I mention this well it would be nice to know that this information might help someone in the future. Its science in my world. I forced myself to not feel the pain and would not take drugs for pain after the accident. I forced myself to do things and the result was self medication without drugs ......I did take some drugs like Zoloft for four days and Celebrex for some months till I found out it caused heart attacks. I have been so lucky that I didn't get hooked on drugs as a result of pain.
I guess life is what you make it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

gypsy wagon build

 Insulation going in
 More of the insulation and coverings.
 The door Knocker
 Close up of the honey bee.
 Glass plate for window.
This shows how the load is secured to the trailer.

Aboriginal King

When an aboriginal is born the boys take on the custodianship of the land. It becomes there land in all ways. Respect is given to the land and the birds and animals. They are family everything is family and must not be destroyed or decimated in any way. Yes some do have a sense of humor and this is to be encouraged on all humans, To laugh at ones self and there predicament is to be encouraged. Now getting back to the king thing it was bought to my attention that to be the only aboriginal to be born in new lands makes one a king. I being of aboriginal descent was taken to Holland in my mother mind and was born there, not long after the second world war. In these times everything was scarce and I was taken by boat to Australia. This then makes me a king in exile a boat person and a new Australian. I was given land rights in 1960 way before the rest of my descendants.
I was told this by an aboriginal woman of great repute, Me thinks not, .me king? I should make a land rights claim on my birth lands Holland you know the Netherlands even sounds aboriginal! This would start world war three......

Spottedquolloz channel on utube

All the videos in the bush were taken in the Shoalhaven river area of NSW Australia. If you are offended It was not my intent. They are not in any particular order but all together they make a small documentary of  a POMMIE crossing Australia.Cheers

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lost everything from storm and tempest?

Insurance will not cover it You will just have to get on with life as it is now up to you. No one else just you. Don't wait for help just rebuild with what you can find. It is now nine months after the March floods and I am having to do every thing myself. You will make it with less but more. Yes that is right you will have less but you will have more. We are in the same boat so to speak as the Katrina victims and the Haitians. They just went before us. GOOD LUCK.

I have just added follow by email

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Moving huts are better than fixed huts? Gypsy wagon

 My son bought me some proper insulation and I have installed it.
 The finished rear of the wagon
The mind wanders and the thoughts of being on the road conger up where to stay. On the last trip I was fixated in looking for safe spots on the road to stay for various lengths of time. The thought of a prefab picket fence with gate to make the place look like it is there to stay and has been there for some time gives the impression of ownership. Then wait and see how long it takes for the owners or the authorities take to make you move on. Bluff is the game to play. Has anyone else done this with any success? Maybe I have the wrong type of hut as people are weary of gypsies.