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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aboriginal King

When an aboriginal is born the boys take on the custodianship of the land. It becomes there land in all ways. Respect is given to the land and the birds and animals. They are family everything is family and must not be destroyed or decimated in any way. Yes some do have a sense of humor and this is to be encouraged on all humans, To laugh at ones self and there predicament is to be encouraged. Now getting back to the king thing it was bought to my attention that to be the only aboriginal to be born in new lands makes one a king. I being of aboriginal descent was taken to Holland in my mother mind and was born there, not long after the second world war. In these times everything was scarce and I was taken by boat to Australia. This then makes me a king in exile a boat person and a new Australian. I was given land rights in 1960 way before the rest of my descendants.
I was told this by an aboriginal woman of great repute, Me thinks not, .me king? I should make a land rights claim on my birth lands Holland you know the Netherlands even sounds aboriginal! This would start world war three......

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