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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The raping of little Johny Idiot

The worst thing a politician has ever inflicted on the Australian people is the BABY BONUS. I hear the screams of bigot woman hater etc. After the initial disgust and abuse comes the WHY?
To a lot of young girls seven thousand dollars is a lot of money and will never be seen in ones lifetime. Here's what has happened Little Sally Anne (made up name) asks young Johny Idiot to SIRE her and he will be paid $500 for the job from the baby bonus. Along comes the baby and seven thousand dollars and little Johny Idiot puts out his hand for the $500 he is promised.  He is placed in fool shackles for the rest of his life by having to pay for the baby till it reaches 25 years of age. He never sees the $500 and has a restraining order placed on him for violence for calling Sally out. His life spirals into deep down ward circles and ends up on the scrap heap of life. Little Johny has been Raped.
Little Sally Anne does it again and again and now has seven kids all to different fathers pulling in a whopping amount of money each week from the government and the payment from the fathers. See she knows by hedging her bets on multiple fathers some may not pay, but she will never have to work again in her life.
Times will change and there is rumblings in the wind!
This story comes from my recent trip and court crawl

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