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Thursday, December 13, 2012

morally bankrupt

The banks insurance companies politicians and the wealthy elite in Australia are morally bankrupt. The little people have nothing left to give. The ramifications are imense with the values on property and white goods and cars will fall and fall they will.
Why should I pay $500 for insurance and when I need it,  they ignore the phone calls and the emails even when I accept there massively under rated repair costs. They inflate the prices every year for bigger and bigger premiums
Politicians on both sides have shown in the last months they have no morals.
Banks charge large amounts to get your own money from them.
Governments have highway robbers in the name of speed cameras run by guess who? Macquarie bank
food is not food it is marinated with chemicals to the point that dead bodies are not degrading. .
Little people will change the way they do business where they live and how they live.
By not breeding the young will not need to work there guts out for an eighty year old retirement on a superannuation which has been stolen by the banks and the insurance companies or spent by the pollies..
When morality has to be legislated we loose freedom and it is gone for good. Once legislated it will never be rescinded. Look at the carbon tax it is there for good  and is morally wrong hurting the little people again. Never tax the banks no give them a free hand out. In the global down turn in financial system they came out with more than they had to start with.
Then the supermarket giants give 20 cents per liter off fuel but they have inflated the price by 20 cents per liter plus the price difference for the initial grubby groceries is also inflated.
 Yes the country and the world is morally bankrupt.
I am describing Australia for that is what I know. It is happening all around the world in some form or another.

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