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Monday, December 17, 2012

You cannot buy my love

Yes just try to buy my love I dare you.
Love is earned along with respect friendship and all the other good feelings. When a child's love is bought then the child wants more and more and never knows what real love is.
Love is a taught emotion and it appears that the parents who try to buy love fail and at some point in the future the bought love finally fractures like a broken egg and all the emotions spill out. When this happens I would not like to be around this individual.
It happens in war its called a massacre. Imagine having all you mates killed and not being able to stop the internal thoughts finally take hold and bang its on.
This is what is happening in America and is easier because the tools are readily available.
What brings on the massacre one might ask. Many things one being the tool of death the gun.
Other things are:-
Bullying and being bullied
Bought love
Not being loved
Lack of education in its many forms
Attention getting
and finally the TV stations Movies and Pop stars with there constant barrage of violence rape and murder.
This is just the start of healing and in some the bringing on there turn to massacre.
How do I know I was on the edge once with out the gun. The target was my fifth class teacher. I still carry the scars to this day.
I know one bloke who was the same and some years later went back to the school and beat the crap out of his tormenting teacher in front of other staff members and children. Luckily there was no gun available.
This brings us to forced Respect.

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