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Monday, January 7, 2013

Energy ABC TV's Big Ideas

I have been watching an energy conference on ABC TV's Big Ideas on electricity generation by renewables or atomic. The whole point has been missed. To reduce the demand there is two options! Reduce population is the first way the second is to build housing that does not use energy and this can be done.
It will take a shift of thought and a shift of mindset by the politicians and the lobby groups. In the end greed will win. When we have government bodies charging for water and sewage and not allowing other ways to deal with the problem knowing there is no tap for water and peeing in the corner of the shed and crapping in a bucket.
They demand you build a  Mac Mansion then say it can not be built because of height restrictions and the building of a small dwelling is not allowed because it has to be medium density residential.
What happened to he who pays gets the say. I can not reside in the shed that is on the land as I don't have a occupancy certificate. GREED WINS
All I am asking for is common decency and fair rules to apply. 
 Council workers have no thought as to the harm that they do and the stifling of new ideas that will
reward the masses and future generations with a better life.

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