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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Insurance fraud be warned

 RE:- Gundagai floods in March 2012
I made an agreement to accept $5000 for painting end story you would think. No the insurance company Insurance Australia Group (IAG) took $300 from the $5000 that they agreed to pay. The payment figure was $4700 even though there was a letter saying $5000. The original claim was divided into two and the insurance company amalgamated the claim to one then then threw in preexisting conditions to short change the payout. They then got under value quotations and paid out on these knowing the costs were going to be higher. When Dak Wall constructions was asked to do the job they quickly declined in an email saying "Lauren Stone Cancelled 31 july 1012". End Quote  Dak Wall constructions  said they would quote the job again, at the real price. I refused as I was not putting more money into the hands of unscrupulous companies.
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Obama runs this country and makes press releases of the American (troops) invasion into Darwin so as an American we should all expect the same.
 I have paid taxes in Australia all my working life.  Then I see in the news the government paying out some hundreds of thousands of dollars in a rescue in the southern ocean to save one life when these people know the risks involved. I personally have to look after myself in the Australian bush and have never asked for help. When my house was flooded I made the mistake of asking for help and the ordeal was just not worth the trouble. I look on YouTube the houses that have been abandoned by the banks after they ejected the people living in them.
The thing is do not deal with big business or the government unless you have too as you will get screwed when and if things go wrong.
Superannuation is another fraud that people are going to get ripped off from in years to come. Let me tell you there is no money in these schemes as the capital has been spent. How do I know? they ripped $20,000 from me I was lucky to get half when I was injured at work and taken by ambulance to hospital. I was asked to produce information just recently and all records have been destroyed. My records were destroyed too in the flood. This again is big business covering there tracks and getting ready to destroy my life again.

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