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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Open Challenge

The Open challenge has not been taken up by anyone. Tell your psychiatrist about the challenge on a previous post and there will be free publicity for him or her. No one will take the bait. I didn't think I would get away with this with out a challenge or a comment so what I am saying must be truth. Failed student doctors doing an extra year at university are posing as specialists are medicating people for all the wrong reasons, with a returning clientele at $140.00 Australian plus on the medical health.. Yes there is mental health problems and they are getting worse but work, hard physical work is the way to treat such problems. As you read in a previous post these failed doctors are medicating themselves for anxiety before going to court so they look more believable. Peoples lives are made or broken by these drug effected people.
 Professor Iggle doctor extraordinaire. I even wrote to a dob in a quack website and dobbed myself in about being a Professor and they wouldn't react.
I have not had any training in this field so look up the information yourself.

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