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Thursday, January 31, 2013

stealth fighter planes

I see a day when big countries will be beaten by stealth model planes laden with explosives that are gps controlled and the targets set into the computer and flown off. The targets will be selected from Google earth. I see where political assassinations will be done the same way. Corporate executives will also be targeted for doing the devils work and because of there greed. Greedy heads of governments will be targeted also, be warned you at the top are not immuned to the destruction that is to come. You may fair better but you will be hurt too.
Getting hit with cord-ex explosion doesn't matter if it comes at supersonic speeds or at 20mph the result is the same.
Model planes have crossed the Atlantic ocean and landed safely in England from America. Its not that far fetched to think your enemy will not think of this as well.
The most likely targets at first will be the war criminals who blew down the twin towers as these are the ones who benefit from there actions which caused the suffering of innocent people from both east and west. You started it and the small people will finish it with small fighter planes fitted with guns and explosives.
This plane would be a good start and a great platform for such an attack with out the pilot.
Scott Manning & C-GBDV Bede BD5-J Stinger @ CYBG 2005-DSC_0078

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