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Monday, January 21, 2013

You know there is a time in ones life?

You know there is a time in ones life when you just have to please yourself. Learn this and you will be free, I mean really free from someones control or behavior. I just realized this at the age of 62. We are swayed by parents friends and the media and the list goes on.
I just bought a boat with the kids inheritance don't matter I don't use any of these boats its called messing about in boats. There are now organized Messabouts there is one in Hobart early next month.
I figure it keeps me active and will be doing it til the day I die. My old mate Les has just started a new project that will take fifteen years to complete its a wind up organ the type the organ grinders use "It will take fifteen years to build I recons that takes me to 107 years old, I think that will do me".
Live and learn Cheers.

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