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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here we go again

Whilst away fixing flood damaged house in Gundagai and then taking a break in Tasmania you will never guess what happened in Nowra at my house. "FLOOD" The rain came down and the creeks came up and a foot of water went threw my shed. The loss is immense with mig welder plasma cutter and remote submarine going a foot under water,not to mention all my hand tools in boxes. Then in the other shed there was new mowers edgers and whipper snipers,My engineering books model "O" guage train set and the like all receiving the same treatment. Most of my cordless tools were on the floor with cutoff grinding machine. The new cupboards holding the tools were of the kitchen type and the particle board is delaminating with the danger of the whole lot coming down on me. As Ned Kelly said "such is life" I say "bugger"
I am again insured with the same company as I was in Gundagai, How will they weasel out this time. Here we go again.

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