Sunday, April 28, 2013

Consumer rip off on a large scale

After the 2012 floods in Queensland we are hit with a levy for flood damage in Queensland by the federal government. I lost a house in the same year because of floods. I have to pay! My mate who didn't get flooded is now hit with flood levy on his insurance policy and then there is the NSW flood levy on top of this again. My premiums for another property in Gundagai has gone from $300 to $1920 and it sits high on a gently sloping hill (figure that one out). Yes the insurance industry does not pay the full payout required and then cry's poor and gets a government handout in the form of a levy to pay for the damage done. People who were killed do not get to claim!!!!
Lets give more money to overseas countries and to people who come here as aliens. Sorry invaders. I worked for the benefits that I get and I see others who come to this country get the same benefits and who haven't put a dime into the system and they get more than I do.
The system is going to collapse and I will end up with nothing and even my houses will be taken from me by this generous government. I will survive but a lot will not. The greedy top es halons will demand more before its all over.
My advise is to save cash for the times ahead.
The chances of your house burning down is one in a million or there abouts. My advise for insurance is to opt out as payments will be slimmer in the future.
If you own nothing the opt out of all insurance.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quantam mechanics

Love is quantum entanglement at work. Quantum entanglement is as fickle as love. Opposites attract like as in magnets yet magnets can be made to switch on or off. Thus spooks are born as in bits either on or off at the same time. Like the contra rotating propellers of a Fairy Gannet aeroplane. This leads to artificial intelligence and stupidity at the same time. Intelligence is different in many ways like art and engineering and passions all at the same time. All giving different realities which are true and correct at the same time. By the time you read this reality has changed and so has my life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Insurance fraud continued

Insurance is used for an unforeseen major financial loss. It doesn't matter how the loss occurs fire flood bankruptcy what ever.
I  would like to ask a question.
Why were the houses that were taken by the banks not covered by the peoples insurance company is this not a unforeseen financial loss and a major one at that.
Seems to me that these companies got off free with out a hit at all.
In the last year I have been hit with two floods and both times I was not present but my premiums have gone from $300 to $800 per year and the excess has gone from three hundred to $1000,00.
Who got hurt only the little people and this seems to be a way of life for us. The internet is providing a voice for these people me included.
What is the good of working and having it all taken in the blink of an eye by the unscrupulous ones.
Lets not play the game any more opt out for freedom with small homes with no debt and ones that can be built in weeks not months out of non burnable materials ones that withstand tornadoes floods and the like .Ones that are easily and cheaply heated and cooled. Houses that are not connected to the electricity grid ones that supply you with water ones that have built in sewage systems.
I am talking about homes that protect there owners that are not worthy enough to steal from because there is nothing of resalable value but are worth there weight in gold to there owners.
This is sustainability housing that doe's not impinge on the land and destroy water quality air quality and visual quality. These houses are doable but we must get away from the millionaire attitude and total greed.
Little people can do this and the ones that will suffer are the greedy ones with all the money who dictate what the little people do.
Did you know that at the start of the second world war that Hitlers tank drivers had a Luger stuck in there ear and were asked are you now going to drive that tank. Is this what is happening today, work or you lose everything?
They are sending out an assessor again to inspect the damage to my property in Nowra after I have cleaned up the mess because the rats were moving in and the risk of illness is real. Here we go again.
Did you know that insurance only covers you for $1000.00 for building materials. My house is $30,000.00 of building materials the rest is labor. I will find out shortly how they duck and weave this one.

Bridge to Tasmania

This is but a dream in some circles but could become a reality with optimistic thinking. Research is being done in this area in the states of NSW and Queensland but under the guise of fracking for gas which may wake a line of volcanoes across Australia  If the sea bed between Australia and the mainland Tasmania was cracked and a line of volcanoes were to be produced. Then a land bridge would allow for an inexpensive Highway. Is there anyone out there with dreams of grandeur to even think of such a thought.
 Yes I have been labeled with dreams of grandeur by some idiot with a failed doctors degree and who practices idiotic drugging. I would call this living in a fantasy world where everything is possible. Imagine land bridges between all the large masses of land and driving from Argentina to say London
Yes a land bridge to Tasmania!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Leaders,Liers

Australian politicians propose high speed rail. What a lot of hogwash. They might as well anounce a bridge to the moon with every one getting a free frisby. Or maybe a bridge to New Zealand  or even Tasmania. When they can not extend the rail line to Nowra and that only requires a bridge over the Shoalhaven. Forty years for fast rail when the earth is in its final throws according to the Jehovah Witnesses and others. They might as well garentee that children do not live in poverty, That's right they tried that lie with the normal results ,Failure.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The insurance

The due date has come and gone. I am two thousand dollars better off. The only insurance I am going to have is automobile insurance as this could break me and send one into bankruptcy because of a collision even if I was not at fault.
Think about it if the house ever burn down your life would be much easier with out the materials that clutter ones life. In Australia there is only about a dozen houses burn down because of internal issues each year.
If your house burns down with many others then the state helps along with charities and the like. Because I was insured the state did nothing the charities did nothing I was on my own and had to deal with a greedy insurance company. I see in America where people have lost there houses to the greedy banks and they were not covered by there insurance company, the loss was more than the same as they lost the land as well.
Where was your insurance company then you were paid up in full?
Given the fact that I can build a home be it small for under two thousand dollars why should I insure?
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to accomplish this just a hammer drills and a saw and an imagination and the will to do it.
Cheers Professor Iggle

Heard at the pub

Jock and Joe talking at the pub. Jock says I feel bloody terrible how do you feel Joe?
Joe says in return "I feel just like a new baby"
Jock then asks "how do you do that?"
Joe says "bloody easy bald on top no teeth and I've just shit myself!"
Sorry it really was me and my mate............

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Such is life"

Flooded again this time the shed went under destroying all my tools and mowers. Being away at the time the water was left to stew with rust occupying the whole of the shed. The last couple of weeks has been spent removing the rubble and making a insurance claim. I have spoken of these in a previous posting.This is some thing I suggest you never do as your premiums will skyrocket.  Mine have gone to nearly $2000 so I will have to bear the brunt of future disasters.This is the thanks you get for your loyalty of over forty years. As Ned Kelly once said "such is life"
Who was I insured with, none other than the Kelly Brothers Bushrangers Insurance and Banking Company a subsidiarity of the We Take Your Superannuation Fund run by the Australian Government. Who also run the Highway Robbery Speed Camera Company.
Yes "such is life" and gone with Ned Kelly is the moral obligations of a society.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Raining soul

The time of pace is about to rise
To tear us from the earth
The blast is more than I can bear
The love is gone from us'

Help is not for us to have
But sorrow and of pain
Give me peace from dilemma
to rest from pain and sorrow

Talk of truth and harmony
A breath form rainbow strong
Please please have happiness
And a blissful life unfold.

Raining soul raining soul
Tears of the earth beyond
beauty has begone
Raining soul raining soul

Raining on my soul
pouring from my grief
Raining raining on my sorrow
Raining soul raining on my soul

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking the law by government sponsored criminals

In Australia there is laws to protect the young from criminals. Abuse is happening on a grand scale with the illegal drugging of children under the age of 16. Even adults are being held against there will with court orders all being paid for by the taxpayers. This country is out of control. If you want to know more please go to for the full story.