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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Patient shopping

Yes that's right patient shopping. This is what happens here in Australia when you become a bit dottery. You know as you get older we all tend to slow down and sometimes forget things. If you go to hospital and have an an an-ascetic and are kept over night you are assessed and if you live alone then you become a target for the doctors with nursing homes to fill. You are deemed to be incapable of looking after yourself and are forced into a nursing home and your house is sold and you have no say. One of my friends had this happen and before his mum went into hospital he got her to sign a order giving him right to make decisions for his mother. They tried and her Power Of Attorney saved her and her house from being taken from her by the greedy ones. They would have owned her. Just another commodity to be bought and sold to make money for the greedy ones. It was unfortunate that I didn't get a power of attorney on my ex wife. They would have told me they were releasing her from hospital. The trouble with a power of attorney your family can do the same to you.

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