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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reduce overheads

For those of you who are not business minded this is getting rid of unneeded bills.  Insurance is on of those bills and a large one at that, followed by water rates and electricity bills. I am talking from the position of being single so it is easier.
What does one really need to live in relative comfit.
Some where to keep dry and safe
some where to keep NEEDED items
Some where to cook a basic meal
some where to keep clean
Some where to relax
As you can see the list is not massive.
My mate has a place at Lightening Ridge and the temperatures rise and fall massively.
He had two sheds made from steel, with wooden floors from one of my demolition sites. The sheds were clad with roller doors and the frames from bed frames. Total cost in the hundreds, then there was two water tanks of one thousand liters each.
On one occasion we went for a walk during the day and got one hundred yards away and were forced to return to the safety and comfit of the sheds.
This was a halleluiah moment for me and  one I am sharing here with you.
The other halleluiah moment has been dealing with an insurance company and realizing my mistake carried over forty years.
Concrete and steel and aluminum windows are high in embodied energy they say.
Lets debunk this mith, wooden house insurance for forty years the cost to the environment to pay for this insurance in fuel to go to work child care wear and tare on the car, the insurance on the car all paid for in environmental dollars.
Concrete house with aluminum windows with steel reinforcing. Paid for once no painting and maintenance, fire proof water proof wind proof no insurance resistant to vandals it just won't go away.
We have not yet seen fully engineered houses made from light weight concrete. Rubbish can be imbedded into concrete along with paper polystyrene plastic. If you then cover the whole thing with dirt the energy consumption of the house goes down.
You will never see this type of building become the normal as the vested interests of the building industry and insurance companies will stop there construction.
What do the rich people live in?  Concrete! What are government buildings made from? Concrete!
What are the insurance company buildings made from? Concrete!
Concrete houses are cheaper in the long run by far in environmental dollars, you will not need the child care and the working wife to live. Living is not going to work every day of your life leaving your unpaid insured house alone for who ever, who maybe wants and takes its contents.
You have a life to pursue happiness that's your constitutional right in the U.S.of A.
Look during the second world war there was a bomber that smashed into the Empire State Building and it never came down, Why? No explosives and you guessed it Concrete!

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