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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spreading the word

It is not about religion it is about power and who has it. What we see today is similar to what Hitler did in the days before the war. Idiots with nothing getting attention for what ever they do and also getting a proverbial high from it. It is happening all round the world in more increasing numbers.
Yet small cars boats get little viewing in the media and are more rewarding than blowing something up, Well maybe not as I have done explosives in the past and it feels good to destroy something and get paid for it. People get a high from doing evil and evil needs to be delt with evil. For the crimes we see today need the death sentence to be introduced world wide, and the radicals may do it.  Maybe this could be a good thing as if we were all black or white and of the same religion then what would we fight and kill over then.

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