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Monday, September 16, 2013

For the young generally

If you can read and write and can do maths and go to school and you don't like school.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You didnt know!

At school I was unable to read or do mathamatics, because of dyslexia. I did not know I had a problem.
I just could not read.
When doing maths I would for example write 2+2= 4. not like this but like this 2+4=2 and wondered why I got lousy marks. I was flogged by the teacher for being insulant on many occasions I was to become a loner and would avoid people and was shy as a result.
I am observant and even this year I notice the bush fires are slippery as for a better word because the oil content in the material is at it's best for burning with black smoke and a different smell.
I never in my whole school time read a book and had a "Tale of two cities" for my school certificate English test. I was lucky the movie came out on TV just before the exam.
I did over half a year read half of a book called Robin hood and to this day have never finished the book.
I had a good memory for what I wanted to do.
I did engineering and worked in this field all my life in one form or another.
Then just before computers came on the scene I had an accident and lost short term memory, this was devastating as I had to do things with long term memory.
I drove trucks and was able to get on with my life.
Ask me to fill out a prearranged form and I am stuffed as I try to preempt the questions and get it all wrong, I look like a complete idiot.
Then came computers with Text aloud and a moving curser what a relief. My first ever book was
Rex Roberts Engineered house.  It was a classic and one I would recommend to anyone.
I have been lucky in my working life as I took on extremely dangerous jobs and was successful at them. Diving was one that I didn't master as I could not grasp the concepts of dive time and decompression but learnt first hand what happens when I got it wrong.
I was finally laid off work after the accident in the coal mine then having to fill out forms and screwing that up and not turning up for the employment company's time as I was working and was no good with phones. I was finally breached and had my money taken from me and was close to bankruptsy and was placed on a pension and put out to pasture.
My marriage crashed and I had to bring up my youngest son alone.
But you know I am happy now wheeling and dealing with real money making a small amount just to keep my mind happy.
I did buy two shops and two houses and lost most of the value to floods in two years. I am still so lucky with my lot in life and would have it no other way.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Some time ago I wrote about climate change and space junk.

Here is another one for you to ponder.

Gravity changes on a daily basis and is not constant as some scientists would have you think and believe.

Gravity does change and the proof is in the oceans and the tides. If gravity was constant then there would be no tides.  Then there is the super tides when the planets align.

Some will say that the earths gravity has to be the same and this would be the case if it were only the earth but this isn't, so there is planets and the moon reacting with the earth all the time. It can not be any other way.

One thing we can be certain of is there will be change. This goes for all things including light and its speed!!