Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carbon and carbon tax

Humans are responsible for the carbon in the atmosphere but not by the way politicians and most people are lead to believe and think. They used to think the world was flat and some still do.
Deforestation and desertification are the trouble, Yes the worlds deserts are growing at an alarming rate.
Its not the animals they have been there for years in large herds like the American buffalo and thrived.
Then what is the problem well its small herds in small paddocks and the ground does not recover.
More carbon is released to the atmosphere every year by this means than any other.
Clear felling trees is a crime against humanity so is small paddocks and large herds in these paddocks.
I see where herds of sheep are in large paddocks feeding off the stubble after harvest with no shade.

If I were to leave my dog in the back yard with out shelter I would be fined and may be even locked up. The question is why is it different for sheep. To debunk popular belief sheep do not have a brain and they are intelligent. If they get out of a paddock they don't go back and tell the others they go in and out of the paddock for days even weeks. They know if they all go out then the hole in the fence will be fixed and none of them will get the good grass.

So lets have some serious discussions on carbon and carbon taxes and not let the politicians get away with another tax to pay more increases in government regulations and bureaucracy.

Found on the beach

This thing is four foot high and four foot diameter. Not bad for a days picking.

mal web

 Mal was at the kangaroo valley folk festival

Monday, October 28, 2013

First trip with the gypsy wagon

 This was taken at the kangaroo valley folk festival
 This is the hampton bridge in the valley
 Solar lighs work a treat at night.

 This shows the shadow from one of the solar lights on the roof it looks like a kookaburra just before an attack.
Yes we do have gypsy caravans in Australia the red one is forty years old.

Some times

 These photos are from a wave driven power station which was destroyed by the sea just after being set up. Some times just some times things don't work. This was the first to be made in Australia. The containers on the deck are 20 footers.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fire season again

It is amazing that after the last years fires people want to build the same type and use the same materials to rebuild there houses . Bloody idiots. Build underground or with concrete now if you dont take this advise put 6ft high steel fences around your MC Mansion and these will at least slow the fire storm and redirect the heat away. Then grow only grass behind and cut it two inches tall. The fence must go all the way to the ground to stop the fire burning under. Install a water tank and pump and sprinklers and use this to wet the area behind the fence and the fence, Then just as the fire arrives start the pump.
Get rid of the gutters to catch the leaves and rain water and catch the water on the dished foot paths that will surround the building and deposit the water in underground water tanks.
Simple isn't it.

• Clean out the gutters
• Cut long grass
• Trim low trees and bushes around the house
• Be aware of water sources
• Move winter wood supplies away from the house
• Check through your fire plan
• Identify a safe place to shelter if you are caught in a fire (this could be a neighbour’s house)
• Talk to your neighbours about their plans.
I can bet you no one takes this advise.
There is another solution build on a trailer and take the house away from the fire.

Make sure you take photos of your house before the fire arrives as the insurance company might decline your claim because you never had a house there before the fires. Take photos every six months for proof of condition and put them on the internet in an email to yourself. Yes I know as I was caught like this.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some days are diamonds ( sounds like a song)

I am so lucky to have friends and family as these things are the true diamonds of life.
If I were to tell of the failures in life there would be a book not just any book but an encyclopedia of the failures.
I am talking of the ones of my making the experiments that went wrong.
Why do I mention such things well its the way that Abraham Lincoln did such things with the many failures and the paying back of debt that he had when he went bankrupt. What a story.
I have been playing too conservatively to loose and this stunts my own growth and many of my readers growth. (Keep reading I like you there.)
My mate had a opal mine at the Ridge and got rid of it, just recently and a million dollar opal was found. The question is was it from his undug mine that he sold.  Now that would be a loss hard to bear.
Life goes on.
Are you still there or have you just found your diamond?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I like this boat

I have started building this in a small scale as I have had the plans for many years now. I was given a sail board and have removed the plastic skin and have a foam core to shape the model from. The model will be 16.5" long with a beam of 4". I have an electric motor from a robot vacuum cleaner and its batteries for the drive system. The propeller will be a three blade job 1" diameter.