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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rabbit proof fence

This fence stretches across Australia and stops the rabbits going north from the fence. Rabbits do a huge amount of damage to the environment here in Australia. There was a movie called the "rabbit proof fence. " Below is a photo of the fence up in the mountains west of Brisbane.

I followed it for a bit the other day but was stopped by a tree and wet ground. There was some amazing scenery in this area. There was a Mountain Larry that had fallen from its nest at Queen Mary Falls and I checked it out. It had words with me and we came to an agreement, I wouldn't put my fingers in its beak and it would bite me.  It was placed in a basket and put out at feeding time at a kiosk.
About a dozen birds of the same species flew down and helped the baby bird from the ground and it flew some hundred meters to safety of its family. Note the tree to the left of the sign it has a jumper on for winter now these are real greenies.
Want to see more let me know.

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  1. I think I came across a footer or something connected with the old old old porch stairs that likely came off the front under the peaked roof.metal fence panels