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Monday, December 2, 2013

Why the war on terrorism is failing.

The game that is played by the big boys of the world is failing.
It is because of this question!
Is there social and economic out casts and the answer is yes and this is the problem.
I went to a dance the other night, I loved dancing but I will never go again. Why?
The tables were set up in a social and economic order and the ones at my table were the same as me.
Socially not right.
Not by there standards, we at my table were the winners of life and the games that play.
I was being judged and I did not like it.
I thus have drawn back into the silence of solitude and the wonders of life.
Others might think I will get those bastards and with draw into a life of bomb making.
Yes my computer might crash because of key words and key strokes but this is the truth. I might also add that by reading this you also may become a target of the war on terrorism by the powers that be.
Will we ever learn?
Such is life.

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