Friday, January 31, 2014

Australia has bought million dollar aeroplanes are they useless?

Can these aero planes be bought down by multiple gps radio controlled small aeroplanes.
Try this for a scenario big highly complex war plane up against 15 small agile fighters controlled interdependently but act as individuals. They turn quicker than missiles and go on the attack in the blink of an eye.
They are small probably similar in shape as the BD5 and about 2meters long.
These small planes use jet engines made from modified turbos from cars.
They have a high speed of say 500kph and a flying height of 45,000 ft.
They carry the smallest anti aircraft missiles of about a ft long or they themselves are the missile.
They are all weather capable and they can sit beside roads for weeks or months waiting for the right time to attack.
They can self distruct if tampered with.
They have the ability to spy on enemy movements even whilst on the ground.
They have stealth capacity and are made from wood and fibreglass.
They have a range of 800 kilometers.
They float when landed on water and can take off from water.

In conclusion they are made from commercially available parts found on cars and are easily manafactured in the back yard shed.
They use simple toy model plane - drone electronic systems. 

Birds in the bush after rain

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Final or death insurance

So you just bought death insurance for yourself and your wife.
You also have signed them up as power of attorney. This is one of the things written in the small print. Didn't pay the premium and let it lapse doesn't matter because the power of attorney is still there.
Power of attorney is virtually the owner of your goods.
But they were nice to you, they don't give a flying rats arse.
Just check or write out a new power of attorney to someone else and rewrite your will.

identity chip

Why are people so against an implanted ID chip? Yes there is the bad things that will happen there is also those who will make money from this as well apart from the ones who came up with the idea in the beginning.
Do not worry as along with all these things scimming and modification of these chips will become available. I guess people are working on these as I write this blog. Imagine paying someone to change chips and get a free ride.
These chips will become valuable property and will be able to be traded for cash.
I advise people to take new technology and embrace it.
With these threats comes opportunities that will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
Look at this with the eyes of an opportunist..
Blood carried chips can be delt with with a blood transfusion giving one many identities.

Chemical weapons

Who are we kidding! All countries are using chemical weapons.
Chemical weapons are being used in all conflicts around the world.
Think about it for a moment, petrol is a chemical one with carbon atoms.
Let's look at this for a moment what is the difference between a chemical and an element. Chemicals are a combination of elements either mixed or combined either physically or chemically IE:-  with heat or pressure.
Elements are but one type that is carbon is carbon nothing else.
So any country who goes to war using elements and combines them are using chemical warfare.
Rocket fuel is a chemical reaction this is a fact. Jet engines use a fuel and in these engines there is a chemical reaction.  Carbon + oxygen = thrust. Chemical reaction.
There is a ban on chemical weapons and yet all modern warfare uses chemicals in some degree or another and these weapons must be tried in a global court of law for crimes against humanity.
Lets place the ban on warfare using elements and anyone who uses elements for warfare is a BIGGER criminal and needs to be tried before a criminal court of law for crimes against humanity.
The ultimate element attack is the hydrogen 
bomb or some other element bomb. 
The real crime is the manufacture of these weapons.                                             

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pet hate

Some of you may have read my blog on chemical murder.
I read in the medical journals research results for new chemicals with there glowing results with little side effects.
Now if you read behind the lines or take your own lives does every thing go with a glowing report card and the answer is no. If you have children you now know what I am talking about.
So here we have this new chemical with this glowing report the next best thing since God made Adam and we all know that story.
Do they think that we are so gullible to believe the report in its entirety. Well some do!
What is happening is not what is written but what is not written.

We are being mislead by omission I will go as far to say it is misconduct and fraud.

New year

I hope you all had a good new year.
I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last month coming up with the design for a new war plane for under TEN thousand dollars.
Then there is my research into flying saucers and how to make one, yes it is possible with Vrill power.
Then there is the channeling of energies and the mysterious things that come on my TV screen from who knows where.
I have been delving into unusual meditation ideas with some fascinating results.

Do you know meeting women is like approaching them while they are holding live hand grenade. You just don't know if they have pulled the safety pin!

Exploding hand grenade taken from the net.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dating sites

I have put myself out there on internet dating sites for over a year now.
The results have been amazing with hook ups and meetings. I can count them on one hand well no I don't even need a hand cause the final count is ZERO.
What do they want the handsome body builder type with no brains (I got that description from lady whom I know) Her words "good bodies but you need to cut the head off as its no good"
So where does this leave me slightly over weight short and a great head for conversation. out in the cold.
I suppose I get to keep all my money and the things it buys for myself.
I am not complaining in fact I like my own company but the question is what do they really want?
The actor or musician who spends all there life with an image to keep up, watching the publicity on the news. How boring.
Its funny all the ladies like walking on the beach and I go there all hours of the day or night fishing or photographing and guess what no ladies.
I think the world is deluded into some sort of mind void, all at home captured by the walls that surround them.
I have even given up dancing with women because of the rejection and dance alone on the dance floor and rarely get any takers.
I am just a regular guy with normal looks doing normal things.
I give up on the idea of finding a partner and of being let down.
I sometimes go to the pub very rarely and all these lonely blokes sitting around drinking by themselves.
This begs the question:- where are all the available women or have they turned gay?