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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chemical weapons

Who are we kidding! All countries are using chemical weapons.
Chemical weapons are being used in all conflicts around the world.
Think about it for a moment, petrol is a chemical one with carbon atoms.
Let's look at this for a moment what is the difference between a chemical and an element. Chemicals are a combination of elements either mixed or combined either physically or chemically IE:-  with heat or pressure.
Elements are but one type that is carbon is carbon nothing else.
So any country who goes to war using elements and combines them are using chemical warfare.
Rocket fuel is a chemical reaction this is a fact. Jet engines use a fuel and in these engines there is a chemical reaction.  Carbon + oxygen = thrust. Chemical reaction.
There is a ban on chemical weapons and yet all modern warfare uses chemicals in some degree or another and these weapons must be tried in a global court of law for crimes against humanity.
Lets place the ban on warfare using elements and anyone who uses elements for warfare is a BIGGER criminal and needs to be tried before a criminal court of law for crimes against humanity.
The ultimate element attack is the hydrogen 
bomb or some other element bomb. 
The real crime is the manufacture of these weapons.                                             

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