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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creating a home

I have bought an industrial shed and have tried to get sewer on it for some years now to no avail. I just read where shanty boats are not wanted on lower Willamette River USA. When some one wants to better themselves every obstacle is put in there way here in NSW Australia by the illegal local governments. We had a referendum on this very thing some years back and the people of Australia said NO and for a very good reason.
  If history is not to be repeated in Australia (living on the water.) then would you not think that every endeavour would be made to help people get housing. I even wanted to set up free of charge a homeless shelter in the shed and was rejected. One of the things to get benefits in Australia is you must have a residential address which some people do not have and cannot get because of zero money and zero credit. 
The council even tried to stitch me up with a demolition order on the shed that is on the property even though I have spent many thousands of dollars with Bomaderry engineering (now defunct)on maintaince to make the structure sound. When we left the  Shoalhaven Water  I was virtually laughed at by one employee working for Shoalhaven water yesterday.The officer whom we were talking to even had a smirk on his face and the feeling I got was he was laughing at me.
I now believe the only way to go is housing on wheels with composting toilet and to live under common law or maxims law not admiralty law. 

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