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Friday, April 18, 2014

Food for thought

Australian Government (The People) held a referendum in 1974 and in 1988 to recognized local council under the Australian Constitution; and at both referendums, the Australian People overwhelmingly voted NO! (I believe the 1988 referendum was circa 66% No). However Robert "Bob" Hawke/Paul Keating Office (1983 - 1996) had drafted the legislation for "Local Government Act 1993" and was introduced by Prime Minister Paul Keating in 1993, irrespective of the Australian People's overwhelming No vote. Since 1993 to June 2012, local councils (local government) has been secretly funded by the Federal Treasury (Tax-payers money - 2.6 Billion in 2012), while at the same time enforcing their invalid policies, which is their legislation to generate massive revenue from rates to building permits to everything else they can steal of us. While we were all asleep, they are writing their own legislation to legally steal our public property with our consent. (our silence is consent) and growing their wealth with our assets through their private corporations. In 2008, the local council's amalgamated, as one of many stages that local council will take over and our States will be dissolved, which I am lead to believe is a part of the Agenda 21 program. Now when Gillard called a Federal Election for the 14th September 2013, Local Councils had been working their asses off with a well timed and planned a Federal Referendum at the same time as the Federal Election, whereby the People would be asked "Local Government be recognized under the Constitution for Federal Funding". The Labour Party put together a advertising funding packing to help promote the referendum in the coming election. The reason the funding was never approved was for the very fact members of parliament did not agree on the distribution of funds for the "Yes" vote and the "No" vote. Which was 10 Million dollar package, whereby 9.5 Million was spent on "Yes" and only 500K on "No" - can you say corruption much? Plus the final nail in the coffin for the referendum was the Labour Leadership Challenge, where Rudd become caretaker Prime Minister and called the elections a week earlier from the 14th to the 7th, which instantly ended the Local Council Referendum, due to the amount of time must pass for a referendum to be legal (something like that) So, we can thank Kevin Dudd for putting a stop to that. The reason why Local Council are so desperate for them to be recognized under the constitution for federal funding, is the fact a father of three children that was benefiting from the school chaplain program, come to realize the funding was unlawful and the members of parliament were abusing their executive powers to fund this particular program and others like it. So he filed an application into the High Court challenging the Commonwealth for abusing their executive powers for federal funded programs. The High Court Justice agreed and handed down a decision that put an immediate stop to these programs. Have a guess what else was been funded without the authority of the People. Local Councils for a massive amount of 2.6 Billion dollars per annum, plus they have the audacity to send us land rate notices and tell what we can and cannot do with out land. Ummmm I am sorry, but until I see you estate name on the land titles. you can tell me what to do with it. Until then PISS OFF! - I am sure most of you have heard this comment before "Local Councils are a law above themselves"? - Why, because there is NO LAW that local councils exist. They only gain existence, by the very fact that we give them consent to do what they want, when they want, whenever they want. Well, there is a way to combat these career criminals. First thing first....STOP PAYING THEIR INVALID RATE NOTICES, by serving a simple legal notice informing them "I hereby inform you that I simply reject your offer and do not accept your unilateral and unenforceable agreement" attached to their rate notice within 28 days of receiving it. Otherwise you have consent to their offer to contract procurement. The trick is to serve the legal notice, the minute you receive their rate notice, therefore you cant stuff up, No 2 is to learn this simple phase "The only authority they have over you, is what you give them" - If you give these criminals nothing....then they have no authority whatsoever. Believe me, I am living proof of this very information, as I have not paid rates in 2 years and there is never an outstanding amount each new rate notice comes in and every time the local council tries to enforce their authority with so call complaints. I immediately serve them a legal notice to validate their claims within 30 days, whereby I know they cannot verify their claims and they are served with default notice and a lovely little bill for wasting my time as per my fee schedule. They do not bother us anymore. They even send the rate notice every six months now, instead of three. If we as a community all stopped paying rates and their invalid notices etc.. Local Council will go bankrupt virtually overnight, as they are on the verge of that now. If we want to take back our country, this is a great place to start. Its a huge piece of the game, we can take control off and destroy. Just need to educate our family, friends and neighbours, as much as we possibly can, WOW! I didn't realize how much of a ramble I have been on. Please forgive me if there is any typo errors, as I have not proof read this.

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