Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Disease gives off smells like rotten meat.I believe any non bodily material that is looking for a new host searches for the smell of a suitable host.
Sound like science fiction well it probably is at this time and as knowledge expands then fiction is proven to be fact.

Collateral damage

Collateral damage is damage done to the bankers money lending ability. That is private individuals killed in war.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Did you know

 Lawyers are defined as Officers of the Court, which includes Public Defenders, for them to act on behalf of the Petitioner/Defendant under a power of attorney as a Trustee, then such a Trustee becomes liable for any and all offers and presentments by the Court, as the lawyer (Public Defender) is under contract as a Trustee for the Petitioner/Defendant. Such a lawyer now becomes liable, under contract, as the Petitioner/Defendant lacks such ability to accept such an offer or presentment under such conditions.
I believe this to be the case worldwide and if I am wrong please let me know.
My understanding is that there is a conflict of interest when a lawyer acts on your behalf. Are these lawyers members of the same association as the judges (Law Society)thus there is now a conflict of interest as well?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sewer in a bucket

How does one make a sewer treatment plant in a bucket

This is a pet project of mine. the idea is that treatment of sewage on a small scale which then can be scaled up. If a sewer is small and cheap to make then problems of health can be addressed worldwide.
Population is expanding and the infrastructure is not or is slow to take up the slack.

The system needs to service a family of five and be the size of a bucket that's the brief.

So lets all think about the solution.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Australia the lawless society

There is problems down under from the highest echelons of government to the street sluts who attack an 86 year old lady's garbage bin put out for collection. Bloody hero's!
The top policeman in New South Wales resigned from his job and to top it off a couple of millionaires go hammer and tongs in a street brawl. All captured on film for the world to see.
So you want to come to Australia as a boat person I would think again. 
I live here an am under siege every night by young marauders who take control of the streets after school gets out.
Even trades people leave the area at 3 pm because of the lawlessness.
How can a society be responsible when the so called leaders on both sides of parliment have no morals. 
Even the most converted document in the land is a fraud. The Australian Constitution and this depends on which one you read,The American corporate one or the defunct English one. 
Then there is the monopoly corporation running the traffic system and has now taken over maritime duties as well.
I would even go as far to say the ACCC is corrupt when they allow monopolies to fine people with a picture for doing five kilometres over the speed that they set. 40 k/h around schools this seems to be a good cruising speed for paedophiles as trying to keep to this speed is near impossible as one has to watch the speedo..
Trial by jury is a thing of the past as to get this type of trial is not for the little people.
Yes I could go on and on but nuff said.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Barrier reef

Queensland's Minister for the Environment is calling for a boycott against Ben & Jerry's ice cream company for its fight against dredging of the Great Barrier Reef.
Sign our message of support for Ben & Jerry's today!
Take action!

Friday, May 2, 2014

local councils

 For reasons that are perhaps self-evident, local councils do not tend to generate feelings of warmth or enthusiasm among ordinary citizens.
These words of wisdom are taken from another web site on the net.
Now for my bit.
I would go further and say that a garden worm has more redeemable qualities than any council worker in the planning and development areas.
Mushrooms have more knowledge as well.
I would rather deal with a real leach  than any town planning department.
As you might have guessed I have had some BAD experiences with these evil self assumed bombastic ones who might call themselves people.
If I am wrong in my thoughts please respond to this in comments and yes I will publish all.

Recycling and Idiots

Being devout recyclers and scavengers my mate was dismantling a futon bed on the side of the road that we found the week before,he returned a week later and with spanners layed out on his tool bag dismantling the thing when this motorist stopped and abused him of dumping. Taken back by the tirade he finally said when was the last time you caught someone dumping with his tool kit laid out dismantling the rubbish, you idiot. It won't fit into the back of my car in one piece. The motorist thought for a moment and my mate watching the wheels ticking over in his head then the light went on, and then he said sorry and left.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Global warming

Things not talked about
There is a weight difference between H2O and C2O That is carbon di oxide and water If you increase the weight of the atmosphere the damage done by this heavier atmosphere must be greater in cyclonic conditions.
.The next thing to look at is the friction values of these two substances and I do not know which has more friction. But lets assume for a moment that carbon di oxide has a greater friction the the damage done by the lets say stickier atmosphere also does more damage than a loose atmosphere.
Just my thoughts.

Asylum seekers

There is an island just south of Tasmania they would welcome as many asylum seekers as the need be you are welcome to form your own country any where that some one else has not claimed. The island is Antarctica Just turn south at Christmas island..