Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I have another blog.
Its a sissy thing but I thought I would come out of the closet.
 Endrick river bridge
 Off the Nerriga road
Crossed a creek and couldn't make it up the bank and had to do a reverse creek crossing.I will have to get a four wheel drive.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some one has to do this.

Looking down the creek I am about to cross
Got threw the creek but not up the other side. Have to get a four wheel drive.
 Lunch at Nerriga pub
 Tanjara falls

If you come to Australia I can be a guide and take you to the most amazing places just contact me threw comments.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shaven or not shaven

I have had a unshaven face for many years and was told to reduce the facial hair for the attention of more women and I relented and off it came.
Now being an engineer I kept the stats on this event.
Yes more women spoke to me.
Yes there was more difficulties with women.
Yes there was more sex No thats a lie there was less.
In conclusion
The more women I spoke to the more stress and worries I had.
The sex was less and yes I was used more.
So I will not shave unless the girl I might meet and who is into me in a big way asks nicely for me to do so.
The facial hair stays... Nuff Said.......

Did you know

The human body has two pumps that pump the blood around the body One is called the heart and everyone knows of this. Now if you have high blood pressure the heart cannot push the blood then the pressure rises and this is a fact. People whom walk have less incidence of high blood pressure and that makes me ask why?
Well the answer lies in the feet as one walks the heel is placed on the ground and the blood is squeezed out of the heel and when it is lifted the blood from the heart replaces the displaced blood and it repeats as each step is taken. Now if the feet strike the ground at half the rate of the heart then equilibrium is preserved and one can sustain this speed over long periods of time. as the heart rate increases so can the speed of the feet.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Try this

A far better and simpler remedy is a Notice reminding them that The Commonwealth harassment and coercion law in the Competition Consumer Act pointing that the penalty is $1.1M to a Corporation and $200K to an individual. This is applicable where "No Contract NO Consent" applies

I am learning more about the courts

Most courts world wide are admiralty courts and the thing is to keep away from them as you will pay .It doesn't matter the final outcome you will pay!
Now why would I say such a thing well it because you are salvage and anything that is salvaged is put in a warehouse where it is kept indefinitely.  That why when you are convicted you go to the warehouse JAIL and are kept until they don't want you anymore.
Now some of the terminology.
Just look at bank booklets and the terminology the customer is YOU and YOUR
the bank is US and OUR. Did you ever wonder why?
Do your own research and find out for yourself.
I am not here to hold your hand all the way, besides if you research you will understand....
I am not for sale...writer for sale I will say anything you like dont think so piss off.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dating sites

WOW what an eye opener! Some idiot had the gaul to email me with lies that even a dog could see threw. Raised in England by her uncle and went to school there from the age of 9. Piddly errors in grammar that my granddaughter would not make. But then some people are gullible but the photos were of professional quality hands on chin looking up batting her eyelids probably some photo stolen from online.
I give up finding a genuine partner because I honestly believe that they are but a myth. So for all the lookers and searchers you have to look in person and see the flaws and they to see yours.
Did you know that Mark Twain had a relationship with a woman via snail mail for 25 years and in the end curiosity got the better of him and he went and saw the lady and the relationship vanished in the blink of an eye.
Some years back I was in a email relationship with a lady in Tasmania and it was raunchy to say the least. I like Mark Twain let the curiosity get the better of me and in a flash the relationship vanished on meeting.
Hope you enjoyed this totally true story.