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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

as time heals

If you had said to me a month ago that water was a pain killer I would have disputed this but not now. Drinking water removes the pain from my head.
Time is healing and so are good people as I found out by having a newly meet lady and her friend stay at my house. She has been dusted up badly by people she associates with but yet her appealing nature has left an incredible mark on me. Her presence has been a healing drug if you like for a better word with out serious side effects except for emotional feeling I now have for her. Could this be the after effects of the operation which I have been told can leave one emotionally drained but I think not.
I must say thank you to all the nurses doctors and others who helped me in the neurology ward at Wollongong hospital.
The staples have been removed the scar is disappearing.
My dog slept at my side except for the night the lady stayed and she choose to sleep on the floor next to her, she now continues to be my shadow.
Friends have been ringing and turning up I am so blessed...I will try to write some more tomorrow.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


More thoughts of the operation....I am dreaming of the days to come with zero pain,it just drains all my energy. Today has been one of quiet and solitude. I forgot to drink copious amounts of water and the pain increased and became unbearable. Just one litre of water was like taking a very strong pain killer who would think that water could cure pain but it did. It was not a placebo as I knew the contents just tap water left out to mature in a bottle. This is the only chemical that I would recommend in large amounts. Whilst laying on the table the anaesthetist asked heaps of questions and one thing I asked was for the smallest dose to be applied I presume he did as I asked as the recovery was very rapid.

As time progresses the smaller amounts of drugs take longer to eradicate from the tissues in the body. I feel lethargic to a point of exhaustion not even wanting to watch TV because it is a effort. It would be great to have a stint in a hyperbaric chamber on oxygen for for an hour at say one hundred foot of water pressure. I think it would be instant pain relief but not sure how the injury would take it though.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sorry for no new posts

I just went on a south pacific cruse on the Voyager of the Seas ship. Whilst away I developed massive head aches from a boating accident I had some weeks before, we went over a seven metre wave and became airborne and fell some nine metres down the back of the wave to a sudden stop. The fall left me with bruising to the left side of the head. This developed when we got to Fiji and I embarked on risky behaviour. On arrival back in Australia 10 days later I was taken to Wollongong Hospital where they were to opened my head to relieve the pressure.I have never before felt terror like this before even when I was buried  in 1998 in a coal mine under the underground bins and on a second occasion carried out on a stretcher never to work again.Death seemed like a sleep away. What would I tell my youngest son if I died. Then into intensive care for four days and a week in hospital. After the surgery in ward 3 after waking up my mate Dave was there with these beautiful angles and twenty minutes later all hell broke loose lime green was the colour and everything was crystal clear. Then the pain constant pain not throbbing just unadulterated pain. Which lasted up until now. Life is so cool and I want to live every day because it just might be my last. I have made friends with people who pissed me off in the past made apologies and generally sucked up.
Life is worth living and I might go on the public speaking tour but that is at this point just a thought.
I am selling most of my stuff or giving it away, the freedom is great.

Best of all is the friends I never realised I had and to them I say thank you and a few Thank you for saving my life for what you did.You know who you are.

To the nurses thank you as you were amazing and I can never repay the debt to you.

To my doctors thanks for being on the ball and getting me the attention I desperately needed.

My life is now full of love for all I meet and hope you who are reading this that you get the opportunity to have a second chance and to be able to give and show love to others in the way I have newly learnt.

My red cattle dog Teddy has been amazing and now wont leave my side and sleeps at my bed side and will not leave me, What loyalty.

Just want a partner just like her.

Just a last thought whilst in intensive care the woman in the next bed of some other nationality just played up lalalalalalalalalalala and on it went for hours and hours and finally I cracked and threatened her even though covered in tubes and wires. next morning she started again lalalala and then said I dont like the man in the next bed lalalalalalalala and they did not even pick up she could speak English.....

I will put up more posts as the time goes bye.

Cheers to all love you all...... Iggle