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Sunday, March 8, 2015


More thoughts of the operation....I am dreaming of the days to come with zero pain,it just drains all my energy. Today has been one of quiet and solitude. I forgot to drink copious amounts of water and the pain increased and became unbearable. Just one litre of water was like taking a very strong pain killer who would think that water could cure pain but it did. It was not a placebo as I knew the contents just tap water left out to mature in a bottle. This is the only chemical that I would recommend in large amounts. Whilst laying on the table the anaesthetist asked heaps of questions and one thing I asked was for the smallest dose to be applied I presume he did as I asked as the recovery was very rapid.

As time progresses the smaller amounts of drugs take longer to eradicate from the tissues in the body. I feel lethargic to a point of exhaustion not even wanting to watch TV because it is a effort. It would be great to have a stint in a hyperbaric chamber on oxygen for for an hour at say one hundred foot of water pressure. I think it would be instant pain relief but not sure how the injury would take it though.

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  1. The World is rooting for you!
    You are already well.
    Just let go of the shock.