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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why do I challenge authority.

Over the years I have been beaten by many people and I wont name them because you would not believe who they were. Yes violence is the reason and then going to the courts and then being beaten up there as well because they speak a language of there own. It is not about justice or fixing the problem that the perpetrator did its about justice seem to be done. In one of my cases against a 10 year old boy who smashed my front window the crime would be punished by the court fining the child's parents the court making money and then been given a letter say he was sorry,which was not readable. The window was not fixed. What a joke. Then big business demanding money with menaces and getting it for years because I did not know I didn't have a contract with them. They stood over me and stole my money and laughed about it. The comment was you own nothing, YOU OWN NOTHING rings in my head for months and then I find out its all bluff. Yes all BLUFF and they were good at it, they nearly sent me bankrupt for owning land! Owning land that's right I was to do as they said with out question and then they changed the rules whilst the ball was in mid flight by moving the goal posts. Then there is the contract that they forced me into and then reneged when they saw fit to do so. This one is in writing and is with Tony Holmes the head of Shoalhaven Water.
Enough is enough. I have declared war on these blood suckers of society with there statutes and acts.
My acts are different to there acts so be warned blood suckers because I have turned into one of them myself and will suck you dry.
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