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Friday, November 13, 2015

Text message

As some of you have deduced I am a Aboriginal elder and just sometimes things happen and last night was the time for it to happen.
Heres what happened..............
2am  Australian eastern time the text went off on my phone beep beep two at once.
The text was an unnamed lady and to clarify it even further it was from the old lady that used to live in the house next door......
Now I'm awake fully and alert being an old fella I then heard noises coming from next door so I rang the owner of the house and he rang the police I think,but I could be wrong at this point.
The owner turned up first followed by the police.
Being one of the originals and a shaman, I sent curses out on the individuals who I never once saw.
Like pointing the bone and let me tell you you never want the bone pointed at ya.
I went and pulled on some clothes and went out the back turned on the lights and two houses out the back I heard what was like a dog fight on a hot sheet of corrugated iron with some sheila yelling out let him go.
Bad shit happens around me since finding out I am a aboriginal shaman, I'm an engineer and this shit scares me more than it did that young fella.
The end result is he will spend quality family time with his kin outside Nowra court house and even given time of school. Mum will have to give him a feed at some posh restaurant as well. The sentence will be to write an ilegiable letter to the owner and like the one I got will be unreadable and he will then go on to further his own career in crime.

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