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Monday, March 7, 2016

How you are going to lose your home that is fully paid for.

I did a deal with the local council because they would not connect the sewage. Tony Holmes the head of Shoalhaven Water struck a deal, $1000.50 refund of water rates and never to have to pay for water again on the land. Deal done and accepted, contract signed letter sent money changed hands end of story you might think.
Well no I get another letter from Tony on a different matter (who are the share holders of Shoalhaven city council corporation) that was to be sorted out by the general manager Russ Pigg to whom the letter was originally sent to. Russ Pigg being the coward he is flipped it over to Tony Holmes and he said I note your points in his letter and then went on to say he made a mistake "you now have to pay water rates" even though there is no sewer connection or water to the land.
Debt recovery will be implemented and the fictitious bill will be sold on.  Thus now there is no bill it has been paid for by some benevolent corporation. This corporation will inflate the price and then call in Tenex or Surco to enforce their crime."POLICE".
What a great system and you all fall for it.  You are not a slave then think again, you are. To this day I have not had an answer to who are the share holders of Shoalhaven City council corporation.

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