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Friday, April 29, 2016

I am a non residential allien

Please let me explain the title of this post, I reside with the flowers and the air and the animals and the fish. I write poetry and stories I am free to do what I went with in the laws of my god and the laws of gravity and engineering.
For me to live any where else is a fraud but let me inform you there is psychopaths that believe different. They think you are a corporation and yes we have to live in that world to some extent either by force or by choise. mostly by force. They control you freedoms your roads and even the air that you breath..
You see some even worship the folding stuff they call money,they are even fearful if the money is taken from them by bandits and let me tell you the day is coming where they will take the money and plunge many people into darkness and dispare.
Yes I am a non resident alien living in the real world I can not own anything and I do not own anything for all that can be taken even the clothes you wear.
Now if you can get your head around it the fear will disapate and life goes on
If you do not have a residential address then you are classed as a vagrant and can be taken and maybe even murdered. Dont thinks so then read some history from down trodden nations like Persia.
We only have a limited time on this planet so make the most of it.
For those of you who have no idea of time get a tape measure and lets asume we live to say 80 pull the tape out to 80 inches then slide you hand down the tape til you get to your age thats what you have left and the rest is the part you lived. Have you lived or have you survived.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

wheel house

I have found the motor home has a big problem. On my last trip I went up this really steep incline and it got to the stage of going no further. I will not call it a road because it was more like a goat track. Goat because the one in the operators seat.
All the bedding ended up in the back of the cabin I mean everything, Then the trip coming back down it all ended up in the front of the cabin.
Big problem if you get the drift.
I will have to put tie downs on everything even the dog....The best travelling companion on could want never talks or back answers. Gee if I want to get nagged I put the gps on going to Melbourne and head to Sydney, Put in a sheilas voice and there you have it a perfect wife, nags all the way non stop.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Some just do not get it.

Some of you know my electricity has been turned off by the power company and are wondering how I am coping.
Let me explain it is not the end of the world, yes it has taken some adjustments on my part with having to do things for myself. I have become more independent and free in many ways. I am reading more and my mind is opening to new experiences. I spend less time by myself and I am eating less but of a better quality food. My son just rang he is worried I may not be looking after myself so let me assure you all and my son I am doing fine.
I go to bed earlier and get up earlier I exercise more and I sleep better knowing I have less to worry about.
I have tomatoes growing at my back door with schlots I am not sure of the spelling but those onion things. For breakfast I will be having a omelet with 2 eggs on a rice biscuit and a Cup of tea. Maybe peppermint tea. I go out to the club and have a plate of salad for five dollars and fifty cents. I know that is decedent as some would live on that for a week. It is all relivant to where one lives in the world.
The photo below was taken at Huskisson two weeks ago when my son was with me. Thats him in the middle of the photo.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Roll reversal

roll reversal
Let me tell you of a true story of abuse
Many years ago I meet this wonderful lady whom had been raped (not by me). She was fearful and needed to get some sort of closure and was not able to understand why a man would do such a thing. I explained to her it was a power thing and it didn't matter how I explained it I could not get threw to her. I needed some sort of tactics that would make her understand and I hatched a plan.
Role reversal and acting .it out with her as the aggressor, I set up one word that if said the exercise would end immediately. I set the scene in a remote location miles from anywhere where there was vulnerability on the .pretend victim (me).
It all started with laughter and fun with a bit of coaching from me then something happened she got serious it was on inappropriate touching it then escalated into hits and punches ( I physically got a kicking). It lasted for several hours and I put a stop to it. We calmed down but something had changed I felt violated and I with drew.
You must know I really loved this lady and I did marry her and had twelve years of happiness and bliss with her, come to think of it I am still married to her.  I was devastated six years ago when she was taken from me by mental health and I have never seen her since. She was reported as a missing person you see I was only the husband and I was never told when they took her.
Sorry for the diversion.
Being in a isolated location in a motor home I was forced to deal with the emotions. She to had changed and found that it was a power thing and she relished the power she had over me..We had resolved that before we left the location all would be made right.
It took four days before I could even look at her and I must admit that I gained and immense insight into being a real man one with compassion and empathy and a gentle touch.
I refer to women now as lovely ladies and get a ribbing from my mates. Lovely Ladies they say followed by other words of  ridicule.
The thing is role reversal is happening and men are now getting a kicking from women for real. either way it is wrong to demand from another something that has not been earnt and that includes trust.


A day out with me in the drains the art work is better than my singing  being single has its advantages what woman would go here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dating sites I was on

Sorry I'm taken The first date was to Port Kembla harbor at 8 pm at night the breeze was blowing from the north east then she kissed me. It was as nice as my profile said it would be and with a smile on on my face that's all you will know.other than to say she saw threw the beard and I am now clean shaven.............................................Its over now.....hahaha.

I would love to meet a lady who is game enough to trust me and go on a picnic and travel to the site by boat. Then to spend the time looking at the beauty of the place I take her too.Wading in the warm waters of the bay and watch the dolphins swim bye.Then as the day ends to sit by a fire with warm blankets and watch the stars arrive in the sky as the sun sets over the mountains to the west. Then to sit quietly and watch you in your contentment with smile on your face.
Sorry for such a short notice, but I've been so very busy. I'm getting MARRIED on May 29, 2016. I know it's unexpected, but I didn't want everyone in my business. So please don't take it personal if you didn't know. Seeing that it's right around the corner, I'm not planning a big wedding. However, I will be inviting some family and close friends. I'll be mailing invites soon. I would really appreciate your presence on this day. Please don't worry about bringing a gift since it's short notice. Just bring someone I can get married to.Must be female...

I enjoy fishing camping building thinks and love engineering. I like travel and will be doing a round Australia trip in a 4x4 motor home starting in the month of March.Life is too short to waste looking for someone. I am extremely happy with my life.and to find someone would be a bonus and a joy. I like dancing of all types and styles.I am a romantic at heart and like stories of love and friendships. I like writing poetry and stories. I do not reply to meet me with out having some conversations first.
First date, first meeting first. Then maybe some words of nothing and a gestured smile followed by name exchange. What am I doing here with this stranger who will or wont approve of my looks or some other charming thing of nothing of value. I saw a woman once a year before I meet her and well........................I married her.. Who knows what life will bring in the package of a woman, Hey lets start with a first reply to a message. We can then organize a first date.................. I have been on these sites before and have never ever been on a date so my expectations are zero...
The times of the world are changing and one has to change with it as well. Change is good along with exercise and a little of the stuff they call money. Friendships are the spice of life and the glue that holds it together so this is why I am here. Friendship is paramount anything else is a bonus and expectations are but a fleeting thought of nothing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I have been asking questions as to who owns the local council corporation now I have to ask who owns the corporate government. Who owns the royal crown jewels. .Who owns the Vatican these questions need to be answered for the slaves to become free. I have been threatened by gangsters for asking these questions ..I have been burnt and I have had enough. I am now a ward of the state for now they have to keep me and I am going to be around for a long time. My body willing and bullets missing....

persuit of happiness

9 Common Pursuits That Rob Us of Happiness

“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.”
Happiness. We look for it in different places. Some of us hope to buy it. Some think we can earn it. Others look for it in a new job, a new relationship, or a new accomplishment.
But one thing remains: happiness is something we all desire. We were designed to experience it.
Why then, does it appear at times to be so elusive? How can a society search so desperately for something, but still struggle to find it?
Maybe it is because the pursuits we have set before us as a means to find it are actually keeping us from it.
Consider these 9 pursuits and how they may be distracting us from happiness. Each of them are common in our lives and in our world. But  rather than contributing to our happiness, they may be robbing us of it.

9 Common Pursuits That Rob Us of Happiness

1. Following the crowd. The crowd rarely has our best interests in mind. Instead, they seek their own benefit. Scientists call this crowd mentality. And more often than not, following the crowd leads to destructive behaviors rather than life-giving. We would be wise to seek input into our lives from other sources than the popular perceptions of the day.
2. Trying to please everybody. Bill Cosby said it this way, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” We are never going to please everybody. At some point, we will hold anunpopular opinion—one that gives us meaning and purpose and passion. And when we do, we ought to hold on to it desperately.
3. Chasing wealth. Studies confirm it over and over again: once our most basic needs have been met, money contributes very little to our overall happiness. And yet, we continue to pursue more as if it holds the secret key to lasting joy. But those who desire riches bring temptation to themselves and are often caught in a trap. Happiness is never the byproduct of chasing wealth.
4. Desiring a picture-perfect life. Happiness is not something we discover only after everything is perfect with our lives (our jobs, our appearance, our relationships). If that were the case, none of us would ever experience happiness. This world is imperfect—always will be. But happiness can still be found once we realize perfection is not a prerequisite.
5. Building our own kingdom. The size of our universe shrinks dramatically when we place ourselves at the center. Living selfishly for our own personal gain will never produce lasting happiness and fulfillment. Our lives are designed to be lived for something far greater. And only those who discover the hidden joy of living for others will find a happiness that truly lasts.
6. Entertaining distraction. Our world has become a constant feed of information, noise, and entertainment. Each distraction enters our mind with one goal: Gain control of our attention and resources. Those who sacrifice their resources to unlimited curiosity will never find the mental or financial capacity to become something greater.
7. Fighting for recognition. Searching for happiness in recognition is a losing endeavor. The world will never give you the respect or accolades you so desperately desire. They are all too busy fighting for their own. You will need to find it elsewhere.
8. Succumbing to fear. If given the chance, fear will always cripple. It will steal your life and potential. Living your fullest life will require courage in the face of fear. Sometimes you will fail. But be strong, most of the time, you will succeed—or become better because of it.
9. Searching for it around the next corner. Happiness is not something to be chased. It is a decision to be made. (tweet that)

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Journey

Depression is taking hold. I find loss unbearable also realising the relationships I worked for failing and I don’t know what to do. I feel utterly alone and very depressed.
In an attempt to improve matters I went on a cruse and ended up in hospital with a heamatoma which  is bleeding on the outside of my brain. Two weeks in intensive care saw the end of the problem but then the death of my eldest son, That was twelve months ago

I can no longer find a reason to get up in the morning, . Depression is a very dark, difficult thing to deal with and unless they’ve been there people don’t understand. I have two other sons one who has depression.

I reasoned with myself that they had left home and would be able to get over my death and go on to have happy lives. Things have gotten so bad that all I could think about was suiside. I even called life line and they even hung up on me. I was alone totally alone with the electric company cutting off my power for not paying there bill.
Realising I needed help I relied on close friends who listened to my woes and my son saying pay the bill. Then I was hit with a fine by the police for not stopping at a stop sign I fought it but they would not listen or give me a court day so I will pay there fine for my own sanity.
For me there was a limit to how much I could be helped in that environment, much of my illness surrounded the circumstances of my life and only I could change them.
After a lot of soul searching I decided I should do the hardest thing I could think of hit the road.
I had to put myself in a situation where I would literally have to fight for my survival every day instead of thinking about how to end my life.
While others might decide to lay on a beach or take time off work my solution was a world away from any conventional approach to beating depression.
I thought about going off camping but that had many difficulties. I wanted a place that could be a proper home and was mobile. I had built a gypsy caravan, and was going to set off into the back roads of Australia.
I had no gypsy heritage or any former interest in or knowledge of that kind of lifestyle except for ten years with a motor home. I am just sick of the rat race and wanted a simple life living off the countryside and that seemed a good way of doing it.
My gypsy wagon was to be pulled by my car which was not really what I wanted
No one knows why the  need to escape routine.
The decission was then made I will buy a motor home it had to be four wheel drive to really get away.
Knowing from years before in another motor home it was the kindness of strangers that helped me to see life could be worth living.
I met many people along the way (including a wife who has since long gone on her own,) and their kindness was one of the biggest things in helping me to feel better and rediscovering my desire to live.
Horse drawn vehicle is not going to happen as the distances and lack of water would be to limiting in Australia.
Everywhere I went people wanted to talk to me. So the decission has been made I am going off on a new journey I will take small steps at first and then do a final break away in the near future. I have a travelling companion Teddy the dog and a one legged Humpry teddy bear.
More up dates in the future.

Just triping arround

This is my first river crossing
The end of the road on this road

Sunday, April 10, 2016

designed by god the comedy.

What a laugh this guy god has a sense of humor how else could it be explained. He makes this wondrous world we live in then he makes man.
Then to really crack things up he breaks a piece of the man and makes woman in so doing he stuffs things up badly.
The man is missing something his rib. It was the only piece that contained evol that's right evol.
Now this woman is made of all evol not to be confused with evil which some say is bad.
Not having any evol the man go in search of the missing ingredient and he searches high and low and it is not to be found anywhere.
During the search that lasts a lifetime and many die on the way they search and in the twilight years the man thinks and searches his memories to no eval. On his death bed he confesses that the truth is missing and the search must go on.
Now I have been given the challenge and I have figured it out. It is so retarded that the answer lies before you.
Live and lave in the love.......Go figure the eval.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some things

Life has been good to me but some things I find I can not have. The really neat thing I really would give up everything for would be love. Lasting love the kind you read about in books. But I am afraid it eludes me and teases me to the point of becoming a hermit. Just the other week I meet an amazing lady and her time is taken up with other things that are more important than what I could ever be. I say that with compassion because just some times life throws a curve ball that just annihilates you to the tipping point in this life. Then there is some things that will never be. To all those ladies and men who have families that are bringing them up alone I salute you.  To all those children you should be so proud that someone takes the time to love and cherish you the only way a mother or father ever could.
So with that said I will have to be selfish and just get along with my lonesome life. Smiling all the way.