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Sunday, April 10, 2016

designed by god the comedy.

What a laugh this guy god has a sense of humor how else could it be explained. He makes this wondrous world we live in then he makes man.
Then to really crack things up he breaks a piece of the man and makes woman in so doing he stuffs things up badly.
The man is missing something his rib. It was the only piece that contained evol that's right evol.
Now this woman is made of all evol not to be confused with evil which some say is bad.
Not having any evol the man go in search of the missing ingredient and he searches high and low and it is not to be found anywhere.
During the search that lasts a lifetime and many die on the way they search and in the twilight years the man thinks and searches his memories to no eval. On his death bed he confesses that the truth is missing and the search must go on.
Now I have been given the challenge and I have figured it out. It is so retarded that the answer lies before you.
Live and lave in the love.......Go figure the eval.

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