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Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey I got a letter today from Roads and Maritime Services which says "I am pleased to inform you that state debt recovery has authorized Roads and Maritime Services to lift the business restriction." This was sent on 3 May 2016. I received it on the 9 May 2016. That's six days restricting my business with no compensation. Phucken thieves and racketeers stand over tactics and bullying.
Bet they dont do this in Russia.


I spent a week in Parramatta and made some amazing friends. The thing is most were homeless and the others shop keepers. These homeless people are even better to talk to than car sales men who I might add talk to anyone even me. My son said they are all weirdos I said that's me.......

Spur of the moment

Mothers day came and went and I didn't have a mother to celebrate with so next best thing . Had lunch with my son on me in Parramatta. We were interrupted by a fellow selling flowers for 10 bucks each I didn't buy one then as he was passing for the second time I did. So I bought one and gave it to the waiter in the next cafe she looked so down. "Have a nice day" and she put it away some where and came back same look on her face. Son said "that was a waste of money" and I said worth every cent of it. The flower man was so happy and I talked to him for five minutes what a day.